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Trader Joe’s Low FODMAP Shopping List

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About Trader Joe’s

Many of us in the U.S. love our Trader Joe’s. It’s where we get good food at a great price. One can argue about GMO vs. non-GMO, organic vs. not organic, and sodium content levels but regardless of where you fall on any of those topics most everyone can find something they love at Trader Joe’s. T

hey make it so easy to add an amazing side dish or dessert to a meal – easily and inexpensively – and often organic! Sadly you can also usually count on the fact that that beloved item will be discontinued without notice sending you into withrawal and depression for weeks to come. There are even pinterest boards dedicated to memorilizing discontinued Trader Joe products!Trader Joe's Logo

Trader Joe’s turned 50 in the summer of 2017. The company grew from one store in Pasadena, CA to 467 across the U.S., currently in 41 states. You can find out here where the closest one is to you.

About Our Trader Joe’s Low FODMAP Shopping List

Please read our “Shopping List Series” Intro here first. It contains all of our FODMAP Everyday® Disclosures and explains how we go about building these lists.

This list is not an exhaustive list. Trader Joe’s products are seasonal, may vary by locations, or may be discontinued. This list was created by a Monash Low FODMAP Diet trained RDN and reflect best effort at using available information to curate likely low FODMAP products.

Unless a product bears a low FODMAP certification stamp from an official certification body it cannot be guaranteed it is low FODMAP. In cases where an individual food product was not tested by Monash University, clinical and subjective judgment was used to determine if a product can be included on this list.

This does not replace a CERTIFICATION process. Please work with your GI or RDN to make sure all food choices meet your specific requirements. Please use common sense and read our Terms of Use.

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Shopping List vs. Serving Size List

We are not including information on the amounts of what is considered safe, or not, to eat. For this information please use the Low FODMAP Diet App by Monash. This is where you will find the most up-to-date information detailing serving sizes from the experts.

Some additional guidance and information on how we compiled this list:

• Foods with natural flavors unconfirmed by Trader Joe’s were not included.
• Per FDA regulations in the USA, the term “spices” cannot include garlic or onion, which will help clear up some confusion if you see this term on the label.

Here are a few examples when best judgment was utilized.
  • Cheese: Aged, hard cheese is naturally low in lactose. Avoid fresh cheeses such as fresh  mozzarella, cottage cheese, and ricotta since they contain excessive lactose. Beware of cheese spreads or cheese foods because whey protein is often added which increases the lactose content to unsafe levels. A good rule of thumb is to aim for cheeses with less than 1 gram of sugar, which means it contains less than 1 gram of lactose making it a safe low FODMAP option.
  • Celery powder has not been tested by Monash, however celery is low FODMAP at ¼ stalk (12 g) therefore this ingredient was included since this is a common ingredient in cured meats in the U.S. We may change our mind about this once Monash tests U.S. brands of bacon which use celery powder instead of other nitrate or nitrites. For the most part we have heard from most people that they do not have a problem with bacon cured with celery powder.

Additional notes:

  • If there are any concerns with a specific food test a small portion when symptoms are under good control to assess your tolerance.
  • Please see article about FODMAP stacking when combining several foods with specified portions at the same meal.
  • Some wheat products such as wheat based bread and wheat pasta has been tested low FODMAP at small portions, however, these foods were not included since Monash recommends avoiding these when on the Elimination phase.
This list is free to download. But you must download it through the system so we have your email address for sending updated lists or notifications – and we have your agreement to our liabiity release.
If you would like to make a small donation to help us keep bringing you helpful info please feel free to enter that amount.
Otherwise just put 0 in and you will be taken to the download page! You MUST put a number in or the download form won’t appear.

Download List Here

A few of our favorites off of this list:

Trader Joe's Churro Bites -Check out our Trader Joe's Low FODMAP Shopping List- Free PDF Download!

Churro Bites! Those crazy product developers at TJ’s tapped into our collective love of crunch and sweet – combined!


Tricolor Quinoa -Check out our Trader Joe's Low FODMAP Shopping List- Free PDF Download! Organic Quinoa – White, Red, Sprouted Tricolor! We love the nutty flavor of Quinoa and how it provides both substance and lightness to dishes. This combo is delicious. And could not be easier to make.

Trader Joe's Dukkah -Check out our Trader Joe's Low FODMAP Shopping List- Free PDF Download!

Trader Joe’s Dukkah- Nut & Spice Blend  – If you have not yet tried Dukkah you are about to have your world rocked. And you may find yourself putting this on everything from rice, veggies, bread, eggs and salads. This is one of those here one minute, gone the next, items so grab it while you can!

What are your favorite Trader Joe low FODMAP favorites? Tell us below!

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