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High Heels or Knee Highs: What Your Clothing Turn Ons Say About You

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Every day we get up and dress: for work, for comfort, and sometimes we dress with titillation in mind. Sometimes it is for ourselves, and sometime for others. Here is a question to ponder: “Which piece of clothing could your partner wear that would instantly turn you on and put you in the mood?” And searched social media, and the answers are…

Mini Skirts

Mini Skirt
Photo Credit: Ground Picture via Shutterstock.

Mini skirts got a lot of love – for both men and women. We know a kilt is not technically a mini skirt, but that discussion was rolled into this one. The takeaway for the men is – go try on a skirt.

“Why did women stop wearing mini skirts?”

“I don’t understand why women ever stop wearing miniskirts. It is kryptonite for men.”

“Because they aren’t dressing to be kryptonite for men, they’re dressing for what they like and think looks good on them and/or is comfortable. “

“Because you can’t begin to bend over in them and have to sit very carefully in them for starters.”

“A lot of women don’t want to wear them for exactly the reason you mention: BECAUSE men find them so hot. Its great if it’s your boyfriend but getting harassed gets old.”

“Not enough pockets.”

“I’d have to discuss it with the others but I think we, as men, might be amenable to lending our pocket space in exchange for more miniskirt wearing.”

“And thigh rub. Holy moly that friction….”

“I choose the guy in a miniskirt.”

“There’s nothing mini about a kilt.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Men, put on a kilt. Show me those calves!”

A Lesbian Weighs in on Mini Skirts

woman in mini skirt.
 Photo credit: cottonbro studio via Canva.

We loved that men and women, of all persuasians and perspectives, weighed in.

“While I certainly agree that not all girls are dressing to be ‘kryptonite for men’ (I’d know, I’m a lesbian), I do feel like miniskirts get unnecessary hate sometimes…it’s just my style and I don’t want to have to change because of stigmas and stereotypes. I go out in miniskirts almost all the time, but I do it for myself and nothing more.”

A Suit – for Men & Women

young man in suit.
Photo credit: Gustavo Fring via Canva.

Suits seem to get a lot of people excited…both on, partially taken off, and removed with dress-shirt sleeves rolled up…

“Jacket off, sleeves rolled up a bit ohhhh boy.”

“Was definitely coming here to comment about rolled up long sleeve shirts on men. Tie off, top button or two undone.”

“Tucked or untucked?”

“Definitely tucked.”

“Waist coat or just a shirt?”

“A waistcoat is a bonus.”

“Oooofff a formal dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up oooooffff show me those thick forearms lol.”

“Extra credit for pinstripes.”

“A freakin’ suit. I don’t care what gender you are, a well tailored suit makes everyone immediately hotter.”

Suit Stories

older man in suit.
Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Canva.

While we came across a few one-liners, some folks had stories to tell.

“I work in a technical department at my company. I’m usually seen wearing t-shirts, baggy shorts and Vans. One day I came into the office wearing a suit, tie and cufflinks.(friend’s wedding later that day) The look on my female colleagues’ faces changed in an instant. One of them, who I’m friends with, told me that our Slack had been buzzing with some pretty crude comments. Well, I was flattered, but I didn’t take advantage of it.”

“My husband is a slovenly, disheveled man, but within the last three years became president of his company. So he is generally still slovenly and disheveled, but when he has meetings he wears a few very expensive suits, and I freaking melt like butter. And I also got him fancy beard wash and beard oil so he looks so handsome and smells like sex.”

Stockings, Heels, Socks & Knee Highs

girls in socks.
 Photo credit: MART PRODUCTION via Canva.

Stocking got a lot of love, as did knee high socks. Makes sense. They accentuate the legs, which can be quite enticing.

“Stockings. Period.”

“Yup, and with a garter belt. People always forget this essential part. It’s the hottest part.”

“Heels beat the garter belt for me. I’ve asked my GF to wear heels to bed, and I’m instantly excited when she obliges.”

“Eh, it’s basically garnish to the main course being the stockings.”

“Knee high socks. Not even sure why it just does it for me.”

“Socks at full knee height, and a short skirt is my go to.”

This Asian Girl Loves Knee High Socks & An Addendum

woman pulling on socks.
Photo credit: pixs4u via DepositPhotos.

An asian woman, new to a particular social channel, jumped right in.

“I think (knee high socks) does it for many guys. I am an Asian girl and I love wearing those as well myself.”

“Rip inbox lol.”

“I should have thought this through better.”

“How many DMS so far?”

“About 150.”

“This got me curious so I checked your profile, you’re pretty knew around here, but word of advice, don’t say things like that unless you are ready to get DMed by 10,000 horny guys.”

And our addendum brought to us by one commenter:

“When I’m down to just my socks you know what time it is, it’s business time, that’s why they call ‘em business socks.” – Flight of the Conchords- Business Time.

Women in Their Guy’s Clothes

woman in man's shirt.
Photo credit: brasoveanub via DepositPhotos.

Several posters said they love to see their partner in their clothing; often just certain pieces with not much else.

“My own hooded sweater without anything else.”

“This. A woman with nothing but an oversized hoodie or shirt.”

“Yeah, her wearing my t-shirt does it for me.”

“A polo or button down shirt pushes me over the edge.”

“Especially when she knows she looks good but is acting coy about it.”

“Band t-shirt specifically.” We wonder, any band?

“I had an ex that loved to walk around the apartment wearing only my collar shirts, it was really, really hot.”

Our Favorite Answer was “Sundresses”, But There Was A Lot of Discussion About What A Sundress Is

woman in white sundress.
Photo credit: Trần Long via Canva.

“Ah, sundresses. My kryptonite.”

Especially the ones worn with white tennis shoe’s, ankle high white socks with the pink lace on top.”

“A sundress gets me going immediately.”

“My girlfriend loves wearing them and I also love her wearing them lmao.”

“Guys will say they love sundresses and then link to a pic of a woman wearing a midi body con.”

“Ok i’m a girl tho and have no idea what a sundress even is? Like i can’t picture what kind of dress that is.”

“I’ve gotten 3 different answers. From prior posts about this topic and the answers I’ve gotten, it’s: slightly see through, light colored, flowy, maybe long or short, maybe a tube top??”

“I think the key is the fantasy they have about easy access. But skirts have that, and all dressers have that. But this has been colloquially termed as a ‘sundress’.”

“I’m a dude and here’s the best I got. Necklines: V-Neck, Halter, plunging, sweetheart, or wide scoop (collar bones or cleavage, take your pick). Material: light and flowing, like a maxi dress. Pattern: vibrant solid color or floral. Sleeves: straps or bell sleeves. Length: above the knee. Waist: fitted or cinched, that skirt section gotta curve to the booty. As for a picture, I can’t for the life of me find one. To put an image in your head, think Gal Gadot struttin’ the Amalfi Coast.”

Sundress Stories

woman in white sundress in field.
Photo credit: mil_s via Canva.

“I have an image burned into my memory about this. I got to visit Riga, Latvia one time in the summer (beautiful city, btw). I was sitting at a cafe in the town square and I look up to see this blonde woman walk across the square in a red flower sundress. It was like slow motion as she walked past, I couldn’t look away. I didn’t get to see her face but I’m convinced she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Europe in the summer is sundresses everywhere. I miss living there.”

“Similar experience. I went to the park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and there was a black woman with one of those floppy hats walking toward me in a bright yellow sundress. Like you said, it was like slow motion. Every movement was just breathtaking. I purposefully tried not to stare but I couldn’t help it. The sun on the dress and her was just too much. Later when I was leaving the park I caught another glimpse of her on the grass reading a book, sun shining all over her and accentuating that dress and for the minute it took for me to lose sight of her, I was in love.”

Jeans, But Not Just Any Jeans

woman's bare midriff.
Photo credit: Tumisu via Canva.

“Low rise jeans, exposing the belly button, love belly buttons!!!”

“The space from her bellybutton to her underwear is very hot.”

“I pick this one too.”

“Low rise jeans…and nothing above her waist.”

Random Clothing Comments

man in gray suit wearing watch.
Photo credit: Anders Kristensen via Canva.

We end the post with some outliers, as varied as PVC to…watches?

“Anything black leather or pleather, vinyl or PVC related – think Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman or Kate Beckinsale Underworld. Catsuit, corset, gloves, boots. And all of that turns me on 100000% more than fully undressed. I have a type lol.”

“Bro, my husband will wear a watch and I’m instantly more into him. I don’t even know why.”

“When he wears his cap backwards.”

“Princess Leia’s slave suit from Return of the Jedi.”

“Y’all aren’t horny enough. The answer is anything. These are technically accessories, but give me a man in a hard hat and/or a tool belt, and I melt into a puddle on the floor. or nothing.”

“The fact someone showed up at my place at all would be enough frankly.”

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