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Low FODMAP Gravy – for Holidays & Every Day

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Some folks like gravy with their weeknight roast chicken or roast beef. For others, it is a holiday recipe need. No matter your gravy desires – and even if you need a vegan or vegetarian option – we have recipes for you!

We have Low FODMAP White Gravy, too, and another is even Do-Ahead! And, our low FODMAP gravy recipes are foolproof! Gravy can fit into your low FODMAP lifestyle!

Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Can You Have Gravy While Following The Low FODMAP Diet?

Yes, you can have gravy while following the low FODMAP diet.

Whether you are looking for traditional low FODMAP gravy, an easy low FODMAP gravy, an everyday version, or a special holiday recipe, our recipes will satisfy! You can have gravy even if you have IBSif you follow our recipes.

Let’s learn how to make low FODMAP gravy!

Make-Ahead Low FODMAP Gravy

Make ahead low FODMAP gravy in gravy boat
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Gravy might not be an everyday need but on Thanksgiving, it is a must. We can think of a few other times that we really, really want it…let’s be real here – that would be pretty much anytime we have mashed potatoes! And our recipe will turn out perfectly every time. Get the recipe.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Gravy

closeup of Low FODMAP vegetarian gravy on mashed potatoes
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Did the title get your attention? You can make low FODMAP vegetarian gravy for all kinds of hearty plant-based Thanksgiving dishes. Get the recipe.

Frequency Asked Questions

Is Gravy Low FODMAP?

Most traditional recipes for gravy are not low FODMAP. They often begin with sautéing high FODMAP onions and/or garlic, and they use wheat flour for thickening, which is high FODMAP in larger amounts. Onions and/or garlic, as well as high FODMAP amounts of celery, might have been used to prepare traditional stock, as well, which is used to make classic gravy.

Use our recipes for low FODMAP gravy.

How Do You Make Low FODMAP Gravy?

You can make gravy with or without pan drippings. Our recipes take you step by step through the process. Pan drippings give you a richly colored and flavorful result.

Gravy with pan drippings added

Do You Have Recipes for Low FODMAP Stock?

Yes, we do! We have beef, chicken, turkey and vegetable.

Is Instant Gravy Low FODMAP?

There are some instant gravy products that are low FODMAP, such as Knorr Gravy Pot Chicken Gravy, and Bisto Chicken Gravy Granules (which do contain a small amount of wheat flour).

What Are Low FODMAP Gravy Brands?

There used to be more on the market, but several have been discontinued. You might look into Tassel Traditional Gravy.

Is Gluten Free Gravy Low FODMAP?

Not all gluten-free products are low FODMAP. You would have to read individual labels. We have an article for you on Choosing Low FODMAP Flour, which explains what gluten-free flours and starches are low FODMAP, and which are not.

How Do You Make Low FODMAP Turkey Gravy?

You start with fat (maybe from your roast turkey, for instance), thicken with low FODMAP flours and starches, add a low FODMAP stock or broth, and enrich with optional pan drippings. It’s easy!

Is Brown Gravy Mix Low FODMAP?

Gravy mixes vary. You have to read labels, but many do contain high FODMAP ingredients, such as McCormick brand. Pioneer Brand Gluten Free Country Gravy Mix is a white gravy, and has low FODMAP serving sizes.

How Do You Store Gravy?

One of our recipes is specifically developed for making ahead! Check it out. You can try freezing gravy for up to a month, thawing overnight in the refrigerator, but it will most likely separate. You can buzz it with an immersion blender to try and bring it back together.

Low FODMAP Vegan Gravy

Low FODMAP vegetarian gravy in white gravy boat
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Our Low FODMAP Vegetarian Gravy has a vegan option! Simply use a dairy-free butter replacement (we like Earth Balance sticks) and vegetable broth, and you will be rewarded with the creamiest, most flavorful vegan gravy you have ever tasted! Get the recipe.

Low FODMAP Oyster Mushroom Gravy

low FODMAP Oyster Mushroom Gravy in clear pitcher
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Mmmmm gravy! Poured over turkey, roast beef or even a weeknight chicken, who doesn’t like gravy! And this recipe can be made ahead, as we show you in our Make Ahead Gravy. Get the recipe.

Low FODMAP White Gravy

main image of low FODMAP white gravy in pitcher against dark background
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Are you missing white gravy and biscuits? You don’t have to! We have the BEST Low FODMAP Biscuit recipe anywhere, and our silky smooth, peppery white gravy is just like Grandma’s! Get the recipe.

Spatchcocked Low FODMAP Citrus Brined Turkey with Giblet Gravy

Our Spatchcocked Low FODMAP Citrus Brined Turkey with Giblet Gravy might just be the quickest to roast, crispiest skinned, juiciest fleshed turkey you have ever made or tasted. Spatchcocking allows a turkey to roast “flat” on a sturdy pan, creating an even roasting environment so that your turkey is never dry, and the skin is always crisp. The Giblet gravy offers you an option: smooth (giblets cooked in stock only) or chunk (cooked giblets chopped up in gravy). Get the recipe.

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