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All About Low FODMAP Mashed Potatoes

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If you are following the low FODMAP diet, we hope that you know that potatoes can range from containing no FODMAPs at all, to low amounts of FODMAPs with generous serving sizes. We can even have sweet potatoes during the Elimination Phase! This article is all about mashed potatoes, because they are comfort food, loved by young and old, perfect for the holidays – or even alongside weekday meatloaf. We even have vegan mashed potatoes – and several recipes for gravy, too!

closeup of Low FODMAP vegetarian gravy on mashed potatoes
Vegetarian Low FODMAP Gravy with mashed potatoes.

First, we have to address the FODMAP content of potatoes. Or are they no FODMAP?

Are Potatoes Low FODMAP?

Yes, potatoes have low FODMAP serving sizes, but whether potatoes contain FODMAPs at all is a confusing topic, because for many years Monash University listed white, red, purple, and russet style potatoes in their smartphone app as containing no FODMAPs at all. 

pile of potatoes on gray quartz surface

Then Monash changed the app entry, created multiple listings for various potatoes, removed the “no FODMAPs have been detected in this food” and the “eat freely and according to appetite” language, and made a distinct serving size suggestion. What are we supposed to think?

Please pause to read our article When Monash University and FODMAP Friendly Low FODMAP Lab Test Results Differ for a more thorough explanation.

Monash University & FODMAP Friendly Address Potatoes

The current Monash app entries (one for yellow, one for red potatoes) are frustrating app entries as they only show a Green Light low FODMAP serving, with no Yellow or Red Light amounts. The small print says that the food remains low FODMAP up to 500 g. That is over a pound.

Reading our article How To Use The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App would be very helpful.

Currently the Monash University app has separate entries for yellow potatoes and red potatoes, each suggesting a low FODMAP serving size is 75 g (which they state as ½ cup).

FODMAP Friendly has an entry for white potatoes. As always, the FODMAP Friendly has much more information, telling us that it is GOS that they found in white potatoes. Their serving size suggestion is 122 g (which they say is one medium potato), with a max low FODMAP serving of 407 g. 

You can read more about the FODMAP Friendly app and how they lab test foods in our article FODMAP Friendly Lab Testing Explained.

So, Are Potatoes No FODMAP, or Low FODMAP?

BothSince we know that Monash, at one point, detected no FODMAPs in their potato lab tests, we know that it is possible for potatoes to contain no FODMAPs. Subsequent lab tests indicated that those potatoes lab tested at that specific moment in time contained FODMAPs (GOS according to FODMAP Friendly), but the serving sizes are generous.

When you read the article linked above about why lab tests differ you will understand that the potatoes you buy today, or next week, will be different from the one’s lab tested, and you can use any of the lab test findings as a place to begin your exploration of potatoes and how you digest them from a FODMAP perspective.

Please check out our Explore An Ingredient: Potatoes article for a deep dive into everything potatoes.

Also take a look at our recipes for No FODMAP Steamed Potatoes and No FODMAP Baked Potato.

Making Low FODMAP Mashed Potatoes

Now that we know we can enjoy generous amounts of potatoes, even during the Elimination Phase of the low FODMAP diet, let’s get to the recipes!

Our Do-Ahead Mashed Potatoes for a Crowd is one of the most popular recipes on our sites, especially around the holidays.

Classic mashed potatoes contain butter and milk. Butter is low FODMAP, and lactose-free milk can easily be subbed in for conventional whole milk. And heavy cream has low FODMAP serving sizes, if you want to go that route. Salt and pepper are low FODMAP, too.

Check out our article All About Cream and FODMAPs for a look at what cream products are called around the world, and their FODMAP content. For instance, if you are in the US and look up cream in the Monash University app, you will see an entry written as “Cream, thickened, regular fat”. We do not use that terminology here in America, so how does that entry relate to what you can find in your stores? The article explains all. 

Low FODMAP Mashed Potato Recipes

Mashed potatoes are certainly something you can make on the fly, but if you want recipes, try one below, then another, and another!

Fantastic Main Dishes To Serve With Mashed Potatoes

Here are just a few of our favorite low FODMAP recipes to serve with low FODMAP mashed potatoes.

And We’ve Got Gravy!

We have a few low FODMAP gravy recipes for you! No need to go without.

overhead of Low FODMAP vegetarian gravy on mashed potatoes with stuffing and salad on decorative plate
Another enticing shot of our Vegetarian Low FODMAP Gravy with mashed potatoes.

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