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Walmart Low FODMAP Supermarket Shopping List

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Here is our fourth in our series of Low FODMAP Shopping lists! Again Vanessa Vargas our RDN shopping list guru from our Success Team spent hours and hours reading labels and taking notes at her local Walmart.

Dédé and Robin reviewed, double checked, formatted and checked again to put all of this great info into a format you can download and print out or keep on your phone to check as you shop.

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FODMAP Everyday® Disclosures

By downloading this list you agree to our Terms of Use. None of the information shared on these lists is to be considered medical advice.

Unless a product bears a low FODMAP certification stamp from an official certification body it cannot be guaranteed to be low FODMAP.

This list is not an exhaustive list. Walmart continues to add new products, and some may be discontinued or out of stock at any time. This list was created by a RDN who has completed the Monash University training for the low FODMAP diet and reflects best effort at using available information to curate likely low FODMAP products.

In cases where an individual food product was not tested by Monash University or FODMAP Friendly, clinical judgment was used to determine if a product should be included on this list. This does not replace a CERTIFICATION process. Please work with your GI or RDN to make sure all food choices meet your specific requirements. Please use common sense.

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Shopping List vs. Safe Eating Amounts List

We are not including information on the amounts of what is considered safe, or not, to eat. For this information please use the Low FODMAP Smartphone Diet App by Monash. This is where you will find the most up to date information detailing serving sizes.

Portion Sizes of Certain Items

Several foods should be consumed in small portions including the granolas, dried fruit, freeze dried fruits, bars, ketchup, juices, kombucha, black tea, cookies, candy, peanut butter cups, and the sweeteners.

Be sure to reference the Low FODMAP Smartphone Diet App by Monash when determining safe portions.

Some Additional Guidance and Information on How We Compiled This List:

• Foods with unconfirmed natural flavors were not included.
• Per FDA regulations in the USA, the term “spices” cannot include garlic or onion, which will help clear up some confusion if you see these on a label.
• If there are any concerns with a specific food on the list, test a small portion when symptoms are under good control to assess your tolerance.
• Please see our article about FODMAP Stacking when combining several foods with specified portions at the same meal.
• Some wheat products, such as wheat-based bread and wheat pasta, have been tested low FODMAP in small portions, however these foods were not included since Monash recommends limiting these during the Elimination phase.
• Artificial sweeteners were included since many are considered low FODMAP, however some may induce gastrointestinal symptoms in susceptible individuals. Please discuss whether or not to include these sweeteners with a health professional.

Fresh Produce & Herbs & Spices List

Please use the Low FODMAP Smartphone Diet App by Monash for the most up to date listing of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits as well as for single ingredient Herbs & Spices. We have not included them here.

General Guidance for Cheeses

Walmart carries a variety of different cheeses, which vary greatly by location. When reading a food label aim for cheese with 1 gram or less of carbohydrates or sugar. Watch for high FODMAP ingredients in flavored cheeses.

Information Pertaining to the Health Section & Dietary Supplements

  • Many of these dietary supplements, which includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, have not been tested by Monash University therefore their FODMAP content is unknown.
  • It is not recommended to add a new supplement, vitamin or mineral unless suggested by a health professional who is FODMAP savvy and is participating in your low FODMAP diet journey. Eliminating non-essential supplements is often recommended during the Elimination phase and Challenge phase.
  • Some dietary supplements may improve or worsen IBS symptoms, which makes it more challenging to identify your FODMAP intolerances. The products included in this list were reviewed by a RDN from a FODMAP perspective. Supplements with known high FODMAP ingredients were not included. Digestive aids such as probiotics, fibers and digestive enzymes may provide IBS symptom improvement with certain FODMAP intolerances, however this is highly variable.
  • We strongly recommend working with a RDN or other health professional before experimenting with digestive aids. FODMAP Everyday® is not advocating consumption of these products, however we are providing you a low FODMAP alternative if recommended by a health professional.

For some additional information on Digestive Aid Supplements please read our article Enzyme Supplementation and the Low FODMAP Diet: Can it Work for YOU?

Why We Charge $2.99 For This Shopping List

We work hard to bring you as many free resources as possible including all of our recipes and blog articles. The Shopping Lists take weeks of time to compile and for us to continue to dedicate the expertise and time necessary to do a thorough and accurate job we need to cover that time financially to the best of our ability.

We also continuously update the lists quarterly. We appreciate your support of our efforts and hope one day to find sponsors for these lists so that we may provide them to you free of charge!

Download the List Here

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