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FODMAP Everyday Thanksgiving Low FODMAP Recipe Roundup!

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Click Here To Find Hundreds Of Our Low FODMAP Thanksgiving Meal Offerings For Your Table In One Place! 

And here are just a few to whet your appetite!

Beer and Brown Sugar Brined Turkey on a platter on the dining table.
We will help you make a Thanksgiving turkey that the whole family will love.


Turkey 101: Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Bird

Want to know how to roast the perfect turkey? We’ve got the answers! It starts with choosing the right bird to buy. Let’s dive in. With no further ado, presenting our FODMAP Everyday® Turkey 101.

Low FODMAP Slow Cooker Turkey

This Low FODMAP Slow Cooker Turkey takes advantage of the slow cooker, making it a very hands-off recipe.

Beer & Brown Sugar Brined Turkey

The combo of dark beer, brown sugar and all the classic holiday bird spices make for a fantastic bird.

Fastest & Easiest Roast Turkey Ever

You can get turkey on the table in a little over an hour! How can you resist?

Low FODMAP Kale & Butternut Squash Stuffed Turkey Breast

Sometimes you want the whole bird on the table – but sometimes you want something a little more refined. This Low FODMAP Kale & Butternut Squash Stuffed Turkey Breast just might be the perfect holiday main dish.

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

We make an extra-large bird just so we can make this fantastic leftover meal!

cranberry orange sauce
Calling all Cranberry sauce lovers! We have MANY low FODMAP versions for you.

Thanksgiving Holiday Recipes That Won’t Make You Bloat

Family Dinner Thanksgiving
Photo Credit_ razen Zigic via Shutterstock.

These are our very best Thanksgiving & Christmas Tummy Friendly Main Dishes, from turkey to hamroast beef to something a little different like duck, or a simple roast chicken. And we have vegetarian and vegan options, along with some hearty pastas for those that like those additions on the table. Read: Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Main Dishes


pan-roasted green beans topped with toasted almonds on an oval white platter

Pan-Roasted Green Beans & Almonds

The oven is often jam-packed with other menu items, so a stovetop veggie option is a good addition. This is a low FODMAP take on the classic green beans and almonds dish that seems to make appearances around this time of year.

Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

You can actually make your gravy up to 3 days ahead, so don’t wait for the last-minute when you have other things to do. With advanced preparation, you will have a more relaxed experience on Turkey day.


Spiced Citrus Cranberry Sauce

cranberry orange sauce vertical

This Spiced Citrus Cranberry Sauce version is our “basic” cranberry sauce, based on the one our Moms taught us as children and the one that appeared on our holiday table every year. Remember portion control!

Low FODMAP Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

I can’t get enough of cranberry sauces and thankfully my cousin Judith is like-minded. When we go to her home for Thanksgiving there are usually 4 or 5 choices – my kind of gal. Even if you think that is overkill, I encourage you to have at least one sweet choice, and one that is more savory, like this Cranberry Horseradish Sauce.


oval casserole dish holding cornbread stuffing; overhead shot on gray quartz background

Simple Sourdough Stuffing

Sometimes simple is best. This Simple Sourdough Stuffing combines low FODMAP bread with celery, leeks and scallions (green parts only, of course), fresh parsley and all of the traditional herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme.

Cornbread Bacon Stuffing with Leeks, Pecans & Pomegranate 

I used to make a version of this Cornbread Bacon Stuffing with Leeks, Pecans & Pomegranate pre-FODMAP with a lareg quantity of onion, but I converted it to this fabulous low FODMAP version.

Sourdough Apple Stuffing with Sausage

One of our favorite stuffings, pre-FODMAP days combined sweet, juicy apple along with savory sausage in a bread stuffing base. This Low FODMAP Sourdough Apple Stuffing with Sausage will be enjoyed by everyone!

Check out all of the low FODMAP stuffing recipes here!

Thanksgiving & Christmas Tummy Friendly Low FODMAP Side Dishes

Images by Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Whether it’s the Thanksgiving table or Christmas dinner, you all told us that the side dishes were the most perplexing when it came to preparing something delicious and staying on the low FODMAP diet. 

We have dozens and dozens of low FODMAP Thanksgiving and Christmas side dishes for you from green vegetables to stuffingsroot vegetables to cranberry saucesleafy salads to grains – we’ve got it all to add flavor and variety to your holiday meal. We want FODMAP Everyday® to be your first and one-stop for low-FODMAP recipes. Read Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Side Dishes.


Pie Crust 101: Making the Perfect Pie 

Overhead image of Browned Butter Salted Caramel Pecan Pie in a chocolate flecked pastry crust

The truth of the matter is that making rolled pie crusts scares people. Which is funny, since there is a saying, “Easy as pie”! Many would argue that point. But maybe that’s because they never had a pie Master to learn from. Our FODMAP Everyday® Pie Crust 101 to the rescue!

Blind Baking Pie Crusts

Blind baking, also referred to as par-baking or pre-baking, ensures a crisp bottom crust in single crusted pies. This article presents everything you need to know about Blind Baking Pie Crusts.

All Butter Pie Crust

Making a classic-style pie crust with all butter and gluten-free flour takes some attention to detail to get the flaky results you’re looking for. This crust is the same as the one in our Blueberry Pie recipe.

lactose free cheesecake pie in a pat-in crust topped with pomegranate and kiwi

Lactose-free Cheesecake Pie with Pomegranate

Behold our stunning lactose-free cheesecake pie, using lactose-free cream cheese and a Cinnamon Pecan Seeded Pat-In Pie Crust made with FODY Cinnamon Seed Crunch breakfast cereal. Easy, crisp, crunchy, delicious and super quick to make.

Browned Butter Salted Caramel Pecan Pie in a Chocolate Flecked Pastry Crust

Whew! Yes the title is a mouthful – and so is this pie. I kept struggling to remove some words from the title but Browned Butter Salted Caramel Pecan Pie in a Chocolate Flecked Pastry Crust explains every single awesome component. And it’s gluten-free!

Maple Pumpkin Pie with Fresh Lemon & Ginger

This version of pumpkin pie is lightly sweetened with maple syrup and flavored with fresh lemon zest and freshly grated ginger, which provide a bit of zing. If you love pumpkin pie and have been looking for something a bit different, this is it!

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust

A friend of mine has made a pumpkin cheesecake every fall for at least one of her family get-togethers and now that she is following a low FODMAP diet, she wanted to be able to continue the tradition. Okay, that person is me, but seriously, I really wanted to taste this again and I was actually excited about creating a low FODMAP version. We think you’ll love this!

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Gingerbread Streusel Coffee Cake

This cake has some much flavor and texture and is super simple to make. Perfect for weekend brunch.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Desserts to Enjoy While Keeping Your Bloat at Bay


When gearing up for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we might first think of turkey or ham, but our thoughts go to pies and desserts pretty quickly! We have over 50 Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Desserts for you. We will help you keep IBS symptoms at bay and still enjoy your holiday season. Click for Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Desserts.

Low FODMAP & Gluten-Free Tummy Friendly Christmas Cookies


Looking for the best low FODMAP gluten-free Christmas cookies and bar recipes? Whether you are celebrating Christmas or any other winter holiday, we have 60+ low FODMAP gluten-free cookies, brownies and bars for you – and they are easy on your digestion. Click for Low FODMAP & Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies.

For all of our hundreds of low FODMAP Thanksgiving recipes click here. Appetizers, Entrees, Side Dishes, Desserts & more. 

And don’t forget to have the basics on hand so you can easily build your meal: FODY Foods Vegetable Soup Base, FODY Garlic-Infused Olive Oil, Non GMO, Made in Italy, FODY Low FODMAP Chicken Soup Base

Friends sitting around the table eating


FODMAP Stacking: How to Safely Combine Foods at One Meal

If you’ve been following a low FODMAP diet for a while, you have probably come across the phrase, “FODMAP stacking.” Simply put, it refers to eating multiple portions of foods that contain FODMAPs in amounts low enough to qualify them for a Green Light in the Monash University low FODMAP Smartphone App.

While some Green Light items contain only trace amounts of FODMAPs and can be eaten freely, there are ones that need to be portion-controlled in order to keep their FODMAP content in check. Even if you maintain the recommended serving size of such foods, eating too many in one meal, i.e., stacking them, can lead to symptoms. Learn more here so you stay healthy throughout the holidays.

We also have an article specifically about stacking and holiday meals.

Alcohol? Yes, In Moderation

Can you drink alcohol on the low FODMAP diet? Yes! There are many low FODMAP alcohol choices for you, from wine, to beer to champagne. Vodka, gin, brandy and tequila even have low FODMAP serving sizes. Alcohol can be a gut irritant, so please know your tolerance levels and use best judgement.

Journey to Wellness: When Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach

For my husband, an overfilled belly isn’t too much of a problem. For me, overeating means potentially a couple of days of not feeling well. I have had to learn that as great as the food looks, that the physical agony that might follow just ain’t worth it. And yet, I do on occasion overindulge.

Which Foods Have No FODMAP Content?

We encourage everyone who has a smartphone to download the Monash University app as we find it to be the most convenient and reliable on-the-go resource. We refer to ours all day long and actually get really excited when there are updates on new foods. And this article will show you which are some of our favorite no FODMAP foods! A companion article discusses foods with traces of FODMAPs. This info may come in handy when navigating the holiday food options.

How To Help Friends & Family Understand Your Low FODMAP Diet

Why can’t you eat onions? Why can’t you have more of that apple pie? Why? Why? Why? Ahh, the sweet sounds of a holiday meal as friends and family members ask about your low FODMAP diet. I understand the struggle. I’ve been there. I’ve walked into a family meal and have been bombarded with questions. Hopefully this article, How To Help Friends & Family Understand Your Low FODMAP Diet, will go a long way to smoothing things over.


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