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12 Ways To Make The Most From Your Pumpkin Seeds This Fall!

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Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are more than just a byproduct of pumpkin carving. These little gems are a powerhouse of nutrition and can be incorporated into numerous dishes, elevating their taste and texture.

We grind them for tart crusts, and even for crusts on poultry and meats (especially pork). Ground pepitas can be used to thicken sauces, like mole, you can throw them into the blender with other smoothie ingredients, sprinkle over yogurt or fruit salad, or toast and spice as a snack – you could even make a chocolate bark, or seed brittle! Here are some exciting and delicious ways to incorporate pumpkin seeds into your culinary endeavors.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

roasted pumpkin seeds.
Photo credit: vladikpod via DepositPhotos.

Enjoy pumpkin seeds in various flavors by roasting them. Roasting enhances the nutty flavor of the seeds, making them a perfect fall snack. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C), toss the seeds with a little oil and seasonings, spread in a single layer on a sheet pan and toast just until fragrant, about 10 minutes.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds toasted in pan.
Photo credit: nedoB via DepositPhotos.

Toasting pumpkin seeds gives you edible trophies after carving pumpkins. You might think this is the same as roasting, but that takes place in the oven. Toasted takes place in a cast-iron pan. Same prep, use a low-medium heat, and toss frequently.

Spiced Fruit, Seed & Nut Brittle

Spiced Fruit & Nut brittle piled onto a silver tray
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Maybe you have heard of peanut brittle, well, this is our fall version with pumpkin seeds, nuts and dried cranberries. Perfect for gift giving. Get the recipe.

Make Breakfast Cookies!

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Breakfast Cookies on pan lined with parchment paper
Photo credit: Dédé Wilson from FODMAP Everyday®.

Cookies for breakfast? You bet and this recipe, which happens to be vegan and gluten-free (if you use GF oats) is easy, portable, and they even freeze very well. Your whole family will love these fiber-rich Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Breakfast Cookies.

Garnish Soup

pumpkin seeds soup garnish.
Photo credit: KostyaKlimenko via DepositPhotos.

We absolutely love toasted pumpkin seeds as a crunchy garnish for soup. Especially a squash or pumpkin soup like this Spicy Smoky Pumpkin Soup!

Pumpkin Seed Art

pumpkin seeds art.
Photo credit: mamontenok via DepositPhotos.

Use dyed pumpkin seeds for creating artistic masterpieces. It’s a fun process for children, helping them learn about colors, shapes, and seasons. Easy enough for pre-schoolers. Learn how here.

Flavor Variations

pumpkin seeds seasoned.
Photo credit: bhofack2 via DepositPhotos.

Explore different flavor profiles like spicy, sweet, or savory to make the roasted seeds even more delectable. When you are roasting or toasting, think both sweet and savory. How about Maple Cinnamon? Lemon Pepper? Chipotle? or even just simple Sea Salt?

Cleaning Tips

cleaning pumpkin seeds.
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Before roasting, get tips on how to properly clean and prepare pumpkin seeds for best results. We think this blog, Cookie+Kate, have excellent instructions.

Add To Granola Recipe

pumpkin seeds granola.
Photo credit: VadimVasenin via DepositPhotos.

Do you have a favorite granola recipe? Toss in some pumpkin seeds for extra flavor, color, crunch and nutrition. Start with this Gingersnap Granola.

Selection of Seeds

gourds and pumpkins.
Photo credit: Sandralise via DepositPhotos.

There are many pumpkins and winter squash available, but not all are edible. Make sure the one you choose is! This article has the info you need.

Nutritional Benefits

pumpkin seeds nutrition.
Photo credit: bit245 via DepositPhotos.

Pumpkin seeds are not just tasty but also packed with nutrients. They are a rich source of magnesium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Make Pumpkin Seed Butter

pumpkin seeds butter.
Photo credit: Melica via DepositPhotos.

After roasting and cooking, place the pumpkin seeds in a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Pulse on and off to begin the grinding process. Add a little oil, if needed, to get the paste texture going. Add a little sale to taste, and you can add sweetener, too, like honey or maple syrup. Just keep processing until it is the texture of peanut butter.

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