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Favorite Low FODMAP Snacks & Snack Recipes

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The desire to snack is powerful! While the low FODMAP diet is very much about portion control, and we do have to keep an eye on stacking, eating between meals is still something that comes up often – even daily.

We’ve Got Low FODMAP Snacks!

There is a world of low FODMAP snacks for you to explore. Let us be your guide! From homemade, to snacks you can buy – to ones you can throw together in a minute or two, this article is all you need.

Looking For Low FODMAP Energy Bars?

We found over 100 snack bars and high protein bars that are low FODMAP compliant, so they have their own article! Check it out: Low FODMAP Energy Bars.

Looking For Meal Replacements & High Protein Beverages?

Our article on protein shakes and meal replacements is one of your most popular. Be sure to read it for dozens of suggestions, which can even be enjoyed during Elimination.

Looking For Energy Balls?

Whether you call them Bliss Balls, Energy Balls, Energy Bites, Power Balls, or some other term, these easy-to-make and tote treats are super popular. We have several recipes for you. Make a big batch and freeze them.

Low FODMAP chocolate peanut butter energy balls choosing
Our Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls are a community favorite.

Looking For Granola?

We think having a jar of low FODMAP granola around means you will never go hungry at snack time. Stir it into yogurt (dairy or alt milk), have a bowl with your milk of choice, add fruit or have it all by itself – or eat of out hand! Tuck some into a little airtight portable bag or container and keep it handy.

Gingersnap granola in a blue and white bowl on a blue placemat with a pitcher of milk
Our Gingersnap Granola is packed with flavor!

Here are a few low FODMAP granola recipes:

Purchased Snacks, Assembled & Homemade

We have divided snacks into 3 main categories: commercially prepared, homemade, and then what we call “assembled”. An assembled snack would be something like carrot sticks with hummus, or peanut butter on an apple slice. They aren’t full-fledged recipes, per se, but can be easy and delicious, so they deserve to be addressed.

Easy, Assembled Snacks

Let’s get to the easy stuff first. Just look at all these combos that will stave off your hunger and give you a boost with just a few minutes of prep.

Purchased Snacks: Curated & Low FODMAP Certified

If you haven’t discovered our Shopping Lists, please take a look! We have literally THOUSANDS of commercially prepared and available items that have been reviewed and curated by our Monash trained RD Vanessa Vargas. We have Shopping Lists available for Coles, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. If you are in the U.S., the Walmart list can be used as a general list for many supermarkets.

There are also dozens of snacks, from crackers to cookies, chocolate bars to breakfast treats, whole grain chips, potato chips, salsas, popcorn, biscuits, protein balls and more – all certified low FODMAP by either Monash University or FODMAP Friendly. In some cases items were certified, but dropped their licensing agreements; the products have remained the same as when they were lab tested and certified, as is the case with Enjoy Life products.

This list would have been yards long if we listed every item. What we have chosen to do is list a few from a selection of brands, to get you thinking about the variety that exists. Please refer to your Monash University and FODMAP Friendly apps, where they are all listed.

Certified Low FODMAP Snacks

Homemade Snacks: Our Low FODMAP Snack Recipes

We have many recipes for you that have been developed in our own Test Kitchen. From cheesy crackers to the best hummus, sweet spiced nuts and snack cakes to cheese balls and more.

Savory Snacks

Have a hankering for a savory snack? Check these out:

Kale Chips
Roasted kale chips piled up on black plate, white surface, dark background
Kale chips can be expensive to buy – but they are easy to make!
Low FODMAP Guacamole – YES, you CAN have avocado!
Cheddar Cheese Crackers
Low FODMAP Chex Mix
Roasted Chickpeas – in several flavor variations
7-Layer Dip – the classic with guac, salsa, sour cream, cheese and three more layers of low FODMAP, lactose-free deliciousness.
hand holding chip digging into 7 layer dip in glass bowl
Our 7-Layer Dip is low FODMAP and low lactose, too. Watch your portions!
Garlicky Parmesan Herb Popcorn
Salad Nachos
Hard-Boiled Eggs
Blue Cheese Dip – great as a dip or salad dressing
Shredded Pork Nachos with 3-Cheese Beer Queso
Slow Cooked Pork Nachos with 3 Cheese Beer Queso
Love NACHOS? We have several recipes. These take advantage of slow cooked shredded pork.
Blue Cheese & Cheddar Cheese Ball – easy to make for the holidays, or a potluck.
Caviar Dip – pull out the stops for New Year’s Eve or a special event.
Beet Yogurt Dip with Walnuts
Beet Yogurt Dip with Walnuts on a rustic platter
Beets on the low FODMAP diet? YES! Our recipe takes advantage of the Monash recommended serving size.
Flavored Ricotta Spreads
Buffalo Chicken Fries
Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip
cheesy low FODMAP hot spinach artichoke dip in bread bowl with corn chip dipper_
Serve this at a party. No one will know it isn’t the classic version!
Eggplant Dip
Mile High Low FODMAP Chili Nachos
Baked Feta with Honey & Walnuts
overhead image of low FODMAP Baked Feta with Honey, Walnuts & herbs
Baked feta is easy & elegant
Avocado Toast
hummus on a white plate with low FODMAP vegetables and gluten-free pretzels
Our hummus recipe is the BEST low FODMAP version. Period.

On The Sweet Side

Some of us have a sweet tooth, or just need a sweet treat every once in a while. We have what you are looking for from popsicles to homemade granola bars – even caramel popcorn!

Soft Chewy Granola Bars
Low FODMAP Soft Chewy Granola Bars
Sweet, soft, chewy granola bars – and easy to make.
No FODMAP Fruit Salad – learn about fruit that contain no FODMAPs, like grapes, strawberries and oranges.
Candied Spiced Nuts
Gingerbread Caramel Popcorn
closeup of gingerbread caramel crunch popcorn in creepy ceramic skeleton bowl with black spiders
Don’t wait till Halloween to make this spiced sweet crunchy popcorn.
Cappuccino Rice Crispy Treats
Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Crispy Treats
Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Treats on a white surface
Based on classic “rice krispie treats”, these are even better.
Muddy Buddies
Sweet ‘n Spice Kettle Corn
Lime Cheesecake Dip
Low FODMAP Lime cheesecake dip in a decorative clear glass bowl; fruit alongside for dipping
Lactose-free cream cheese ribboned with lime curd. Dip away!
Candied Pecans & Walnuts
Sweet ‘n Spicy Nuts
Chunky Rice Krispie Treats
closeup of Low FODMAP Chunky Rice Krispie Treat held in manicured hand
Just like a Chunky candy bar – flavors of peanuts, chocolate and raisins all combined in a rice crispy treat.
Arnold Palmer Ice Pops – lemonade and black iced tea, in a frozen treat.
Peaches and Cream Popsicles
Low FODMAP peaches & cream popsicles with raspberries, close up, lined up on white plate_
Peaches can be enjoyed in small amounts – Get out your popsicle molds!
2-Ingredient Coconut Popsicles
Coconut Water Fresh Fruit Pops
Cold Brew Latte Pops
overhead image of low FODMAP cold brew oat latte popsicles laying on a round platter
Our Cold Brew Latte Pops are the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up.
Cantaloupe Lime Pops
Strawberry Yogurt Granola Popsicles
Chocolate Covered Banana Pops
Low FODMAP Cornmeal Berry Snack Cake
Overhead image of Low FODMAP Cornmeal Berry Snack cake with berries; whole cake with slice out; slice on white plate; blue background
This cake is just a little sweet; perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
Hummingbird Snack Cake
Low FODMAP Yellow Snack Cake With Rainbow Sprinkles
Need a birthday cake or snack cake for the office or school? This is it!

Triple Ginger Pumpkin Cake
Strawberry Yogurt Cornmeal Skillet Snack Cake
strawberry yogurt skillet cake in pan on quartz counter
No cake pan? No worries. This recipe uses a skillet.

The Takeaway

There is no need to go without snacks, even during Elimination. There are dozens of low FODMAP snacks that you can buy, make, or simply put together in a matter of minutes. Be mindful of stacking when snacking (say that 3x fast). You want to try and space out your meals by about 3 hours, if you can, to help minimize FODMAP stacking.

Always carry a low FODMAP snack with you so that you don’t raid the nearest vending machine for something that might trigger IBS symptoms, and that you will regret eating later.

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