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What to Eat: English Muffins with Cream Cheese, Jam & Bacon

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Sweet & Salty: Perfect for Breakfast or Snack

English muffin spread with lactose-free cream cheese, topped with raspberry chia jam and crisp bacon

This What to Eat sweet and salty treat is a hold-over from my pre-FODMAP days. Smooth, dairy-rich cream cheese with sweet fruit jam topped with salty crisp bacon on an English muffin is so good, it almost feels like a dessert – well, it does to me, anyway!

Everything I want is there: the chewy satisfaction from a carb-rich English muffin, the cool cream cheese, the sweet jam and the hot, crispy porky bacon. Thankfully with lactose-free cream cheese available like that from Green Valley Organics, I can still indulge – and I encourage you to, also.

What To Eat Non-Recipe

Toast a low FODMAP English muffin, spread with lactose-free cream cheese, top with low FODMAP jam, such as Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spread in Raspberry and crown the whole shebang with a slice of crisp bacon.

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