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Enjoying Summer While On The Low FODMAP Diet

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Summer is Here!

Summer is finally here! The days are longer, and it seems as though every weekend is packed with cookouts, picnics, potlucks and get-togethers – and food is often the focus.

Enjoy summer while eating low FODMAP

If you, or a family member, are following the low FODMAP diet, this might seem challenging. FODMAP Everyday® is here to help!

The image above showed a mid-summer celebration and EVERYTHING in the image is low FODMAP! And yet, not one of the folks at the table are following the diet. I didn’t tell them until after the photo session that they were eating FODMAPed food! Believe me, no one knew!

Summertime & the Eating is Easy

We’ve got burgers for you, hot dogs, grilled chicken, kebobs of all kinds, potato salads and slaws, pasta saladssomething we call Macaroni Slaw, grilled vegetables, main-dish salads, panzanella, strawberry shortcake, all kinds of fruit pies, homemade popsicles, lemonades, ice teas, boozy beverages and all kinds of low FODMAP dishes to satisfy the whole family – and the neighbors! THIS IS JUST A TINY mention of the recipes we have for your summer living!

And we have the Ultimate Guide to Low FODMAP Condiments ready for your enjoyment.

AND the ultimate guide to Low FODMAP Grilling & BBQ, too!

Check Out Our Summer Roundup for All Our Favorite Low FODMAP Summer Recipes


50+ Low FODMAP Super Summer Recipes to keep you happy and healthy all summer long!

Shopping for and preparing low FODMAP food doesn’t have to be hard. It can actually be easy when you have the right tools to guide you.

We have shopping lists to help you at the store and over 800 Test Kitchen developed recipes for you to follow.

So get the grill ready, bring out the picnic table and let’s eat!


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