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Low FODMAP Avocado Toast


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We All Love Avocado Toast!

It is possible that avocado toast hit its zenith several years ago now (as I write this in 2019) but we know that all of you LOVE your avocados! Is Avocado Low FODMAP? is one of our most popular pages – and in case you are wondering, YES avocado is low FODMAP in 30 grams portions.

Check out the article mentioned above to see visually what 30 grams looks like – and also why “⅛ of an avocado”, which is often mentioned as a low FODMAP amount, means next to nothing! (PS: it has to do with the fact that avocados range hugely in size, from a mere 6-ounces/170 g to over 2 pounds/910 g!).

assorted low FODMAP avocado toast on a wooden board - great for breakfast, lunch or a snack

Let’s Make Low FODMAP Avocado Toast

So we figured, hey there is no time like the present, so here is a recipe (a loose, simple, descriptive recipe) for low FODMAP avocado toast.

Bread, Avocado…And?

Take a look at the images above and below. First, we started with slow-rise sourdough bread, which while not gluten-free, is low FODMAP.

If you need gluten-free bread, by all means use it!

assorted low FODMAP avocado toast on a wooden board

Start With Avocado & Great Bread

Starting upper left and going clockwise: we have toast, 30 grams of avocado and a topping of alfalfa sprouts.

Center top shows sourdough toast, avocado and BACON! (Yes, bacon is low FODMAP, but there are certain thinks to look for on the label).

Upper right we have a juicy tomato topping.

Bottom right is our toast, avocado (again, a 30 g portion) and a runny fried egg.

And last but not least, bottom left our toast and avocado is topped with slightly hot and spicy thinly sliced Persian cucumbers sprinkled with coarse salt and red pepper flakes.

Many Ways To Make Avocado Toast

And speaking of embellishments, there are many other low FODMAP add-ons. Think about salt and pepper, of course, but also mustard or mayo or even a dollop of low FODMAP salsa.

We have an entire article on low FODMAP Condiments that you might find handy.

30 Grams of Avocado, 60 Grams, Or Maybe 10?

Your individual tolerance to avocado is what is important. This can only be determined after a structured Elimination and Challenge Phase, which is always best undertaken with a FODMAP trained Registered Dietitian (see our International RDN Directory).

Monash University has determined in lab testing that 30 g of avocado is what remains a low FODMAP threshold. In. The. Lab.

You are not a lab.

We are fond of pointing this out, because it is al too easy to become wedded to what the numbers and portions on the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet Smartphone App say.

The app shows you lab tested low FODMAP amounts.

Your Challenge Phase will show you what YOUR tolerance is and ultimately that is what is important.

If you love avocados you owe it to yourself to determine what amounts are appropriate for you to remain symptom free.

Once you have that determined, check out our Salad Nachos and our Warm Bacon & Avocado Salad, also featuring avocados.


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