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Eating Low FODMAP on St. Patrick’s Day

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Eating Low FODMAP on St. Patrick’s Day

It is said that everybody becomes Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. This could be because the day encourages lots of beer drinking and merry-making, which is a very attractive prospect for many.

But now you are following the low FODMAP diet so how, exactly, can you have a great time and remain symptom free? This article is all about Eating Low FODMAP on St. Patrick’s Day, for fun and health!

Serve up some of these low FODMAP recipes of St. Patrick’s Day favorites and you’ll be counting your blessings and celebrating your Irish luck!

women at a St. Patrick's Day parade

You Can Drink Beer on the Low FODMAP Diet

Beer. Did we mention beer yet? Yeah, it is often the first thing on folk’s minds heading into St. Patrick’s Day. Whether it is tinted green or not, the same approach applies:

Monash University & FODMAP Friendly agree that 375 ml of beer is considered low FODMAP. This is similar to a common bottle amount – 12.7 ounces – or 1 ½ cups.

So have a beer! But practice moderation. If you want to drink green beer, that would be okay too.

More info in our very comprehensive article, Cocktails & Mocktails and also in our article, Alcohol & The Low FODMAP Diet.

green beer for St. Patrick's Day - Low FODMAP St. Patrick's Day recipes

Beer not your thing? We have a huge selection of cocktails, mocktails, beverages and liqueurs as well as a brand new Low FODMAP Irish Cream Liqueur!

Low FODMAP St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

What do you think of in terms of food when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day? We think about corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread, in particular.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Can Be Low FODMAP

Corned beef and cabbage is a classic dish and it CAN be low FODMAP – but certainly not all corned beef is.

I spent quite some time doing the research and recipe development for you, so that you can have your corned beef and cabbage and stay low FODMAP.

oval white platter of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots
YES you can have corned beef and cabbage – and stick to your low FODMAP diet with our recipe.

Beef is “corned” when it is cured in brine. The problem with many traditional recipes and also with commercially prepared corned beef is that garlic is often used. You must read labels! More information can be found on our recipe page for Low FODMAP Corned Beef & Cabbage.

And Then There is The Cabbage to Consider

Cabbage – many kinds – can be low FODMAP in the proper serving sizes. Classic Corned Beef & Cabbage calls for common green cabbage and Monash University has lab tested it and has designated it as low FODMAP in ¾ cup (75 g) portions, which is a generous amount.

Carrots & Potatoes Have No Detectable FODMAPs

Carrots and white potatoes are typically used in the dish as well and thankfully neither of them has any detectable FODMAPs in their serving sizes. You can read about how Monash University tests and re-tests vegetables in this article.

Let’s Talk About Horseradish

Horseradish is low FODMAP in amounts of 2 Australian tablespoons or 42 g. Combined with sour cream and/or mustard it makes a fabulous addition to this dish.

It Wouldn’t Be St. Patrick’s Day Without Irish Soda Bread

At least not for us! We love Irish soda bread and wouldn’t dream of letting this holiday pass by without a fresh, hot loaf. And we have two low FODMAP Irish Soda recipes for you! One is very lean and made without any fat (seen below). The other is rich with butter. You cannot go wrong with either one.

whole Irish soda bread on round cooling rack with green and white kitchen cloth
This is just one of our Irish Soda Bread recipes.

How about Irish lamb stew with barley?

Low FODMAP Irish Lamb Stew with barley in white bowl on taupe tablecloth

Wow your family and friends with a very easy to make Low FODMAP Black Velvet Chocolate Guinness Cake​!​!

Monash University has lab tested and approved low FODMAP amounts of beer, but they have not stated what kind of beer they tested. Always eat to your tolerances.

low FODMAP Black Velvet Chocolate Guinness cake with forks alongside

Irish Whiskey Chocolate Mousse, Anyone?

Did you know that Irish whiskey has a low FODMAP serving size? It does! And it goes Really Well with chocolate!

closeup of Low FODMAP Irish Whiskey Chocolate Mousse in small glass cups with silver spoons
Portion control is important!

Irish Coffee? YES!

You can enjoy Irish Coffee, even during Elimination – and we have a simple recipe.

Low FODMAP Irish coffee with cream dissolving in coffee

Irish Cream Liqueur? DIY It!

Our recipe for Irish Cream Liqueur is low FODMAP and tastes just like the real thing – without the high FODMAP content.

Low FODMAP Irish Cream Liqueur in cut glass tumbler

Stacking, Alcohol & Staying Aware

At any holiday, it makes sense to brush up on our article on FODMAP Stacking, so that you will know how to modulate your consumption throughout the day.

And our article on Drinking Alcohol on the Low FODMAP diet is worth a read.

And of course, as you remain aware of your food and drink during the day, stay aware of your sobriety as well. Have a designated driver so that you can be as carefree this day as possible – and keep everyone else safe, too.

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

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