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The Best Tools for Creating Cocktails

Creating Cocktails Can Be Fun!

I love everything about a cocktail – the smells, the colors, the glassware. I love that you’re supposed to wait until 5:00. I love that it’s slightly naughty. To me, a well made, balanced, cocktail, is an affordable, decadent, lovely indulgence. A little gift to myself for a day well lived.

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The recipes I will be sharing each week will be low FODMAP and truly delicious. You will have to do a little more of the prep since ready-made ingredients may not comply. And it will help if you have the right tools.

My Favorite Tools
  • Cocktail Shaker: I like a Boston Shaker and a strainer. The old fashioned kind your grandma had (or maybe just my grandma; I am the apple who didn’t fall far). I like this for three reasons. One, I like having a glass to pour liquids into so I can see what’s going on in there. Two, the kind with the lid always leaks, which is annoying. Three, they’re just cool.
  • Jiggers in various sizes. It’s handy to easily measure in ounces.
  • Muddlers: Mine is stainless and silicone. I love it.
  • “Y” shaped vegetable peeler: These make creating strips of citrus peel a snap.
  • Microplane zester for grating. You should get one anyway because we call for them in many FODMAP Everyday® recipes.
  • Box grater
  • High quality measuring spoons from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon
  • Mason Jars with tight-fitting lids: Some components, like simple syrup, should be prepped ahead of time and kept in your fridge.
  • A Juicer: If you can afford it (Craigslist often has affordable used ones!) and have the space. Commercially bottled juices can contain high FODMAP ingredients. This one is compact and works well. 
  • Glasses! A high ball glass, a martini glass, a multi purpose wine glass, a champagne coupe or flute and a pitcher are all useful to have on hand. And, for the glasses, have several of each kind because it’s nice to drink with friends!

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