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Low FODMAP Passover Seder Recipes

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From Our Table To Yours

Both Dédé and I grew up in non-secular Jewish/Catholic households. And we both lived in communities with large Jewish populations. So even though our families only occasionally observed traditional Jewish practices we were often included in those of our friends, more devout family and neighbors.

And we ate culturally Jewish dishes throughout the year as part of our regular meals. So we have a fondness for the traditional Passover Seder as well as that of the Easter meal. We got to have the best of both worlds!

Oil painting depicting a Passover Seder table with matzoh laying on a table cloth next to a vase of flowers
Mathilde Hahn Meyer

Dédé has been in the kitchen cooking and recipe testing all of the below new additions to our recipe collection to be able to bring you an almost entirely low FODMAP Passover menu.

I have been slaving away at taste testing. (I know, it’s a tough job, but I somehow muddle through. You are welcome.) We hope these recipes give you the ability to fully partake in this year’s Passover Seder.

And may we all reflect on the meaning and value of freedom and peace in our world.

Blessings to you all, Robin and Dédé



Main Dishes

roast leg of lamb on a cutting board with frsh herbs alongsideGarlic & Herb Roast Leg of Lamb

Fresh herbs along with Garlic-Infused Olive Oil, salt and pepper are puréed in the food processor or blender and slathered all over the meat to marinate and infuse flavor for a few hours before roasting. I have made this dish with thyme, oregano, dill and marjoram, but I always come back to rosemary as my favorite.

overhead image of brisket with sweet potatoes & grapes in a red and white platterSweet & Sour Brisket with Red Wine, Grapes and Sweet Potatoes

Jews in Eastern Europe from decades past lived frugal lives and lesser expensive cuts of meat, such as brisket, were commonplace. They became quite adept at cooking this cut of meat in a variety of ways – some savory, some a little sweet.

short ribs with red wine and horseradish on a blue plateShort Ribs with Horseradish & Red Wine

Just as with our brisket, this recipe uses a heavy Dutch-oven, we start the recipe on top of the stove and then it goes into the oven where the bulk of the recipe cooking time occurs, allowing you time to make salad and/or mashed potatoes – or take a nap!

Side Dishes

Matzo ball soup in a white bowl with charoset in the backgroundGluten-Free & Low FODMAP Matzo Ball Soup

Passover was looming and I thought, okay Dédé, you are a FODMAPer, eat gluten-free and your Mom was Jewish, so get into the Test Kitchen and develop a recipe for matzo balls.

At first I was daunted; then I got really excited. And as the recipe came together, I got REALLY excited. I bring you our very own low FODMAP gluten-free Matzo Ball Soup!

And it is based upon our Low FODMAP Chicken Stock!

perfect steamed green beans on an oval platter with a pat of melting butterPerfect Steamed Green Beans 

While we tend to concentrate more on recipes that actually bring several ingredients together, every once in a while we like a food prepared very simply.

This recipe has two ingredients and one is water! We think you will find our Perfect Steamed Green Beans to be very versatile.

sauteed radishes in a blue bowl; lilacs in the backgroundSautéed Radishes

Did the title “Sautéed Radishes” get you? I have a pretty sophisticated palate; I’ve eaten all over the world and few things surprise me, even if I haven’t had them myself. This one got me (we weren’t talking daikon, which I have had cooked, of course).

Throughout 2017 all of a sudden I kept coming across recipes for sautéed radishes and cooked radishes of various forms. Hmm, I thought.

How is it that I have never had these or made these – with plain old red radishes? It was time.

charoset in oval bowl with matzo ball soup in backgroundLow FODMAP Charoset (Haroset)

In my effort to bring you low FODMAP dishes for your Passover table I was determined to develop a recipe for charoset. It is a sweet mixture, sometimes paste-like, often made up of apples or pears, sometimes dried fruit, nuts and spices.

The original color and texture is meant to recall the mortar that the Israelites used during their enslavement in Ancient Egypt.

The word itself comes from the Hebrew word “cheres”, meaning clay. We are thrilled with how this turned out!

We even have a Charoset with a Low FODMAP amount of apples for you!

closeup of apple charoset in clear glass bowl

roasted zucchini slices on a white bowl with a silver spoon alongsideLow FODMAP Roasted Zucchini with Lemon & Garlic

We love roasting as a technique for vegetables because it brings out their natural sweetness and provides a nice char at the same time.

This very simple, one-pan Roasted Zucchini with Lemon & Garlic is fabulous with any kind of roasted or grilled meat.

roasted & glazed carrots, rainbow carrots, on an aqua oval platterRoasted & Glazed Carrots

Rainbow carrots! Sometimes we are like kids in a candy store when we discover a “new” vegetable or fruit. Oftentimes it is just new to us, but sometimes it is because it is newly available at market. Such is the case with “rainbow” carrots.

A few years ago they began being stocked regularly in our supermarket and we love them! Who doesn’t like eating burgundy colored food?

Well, maybe that isn’t that question to ask, but seriously aren’t they pretty?

overhead shot of potato gratin in an oval casseroleLow FODMAP Potato Gratin

If you are keeping Kosher you may want to consider the next side dish- as this has dairy. If you are not – then this is a delicious addition to the meal.

What do I crave alongside my roast chicken, roast beefleg of lambPotato Gratin, which is why we figured it was about time that we added one to our line-up. And it goes great alongside a roast chicken or turkey, as well.

three kinds of vegetable latkes 2Vegetable Latkes

If you are looking for classic potato latkes, we’ve got ‘em! These Vegetable Latkes, as you can see in the colorful images, are a little different. Each one is a 50/50 blend of starchy russet potatoes and either (left to right in image) zucchini, carrots or beets.

Desserts & Cookies

slice of lemon almond cake on a blue and white plate; pink and white flowers in background along with lemonsLow FODMAP Lemon Almond Cake

This gluten-free, dairy-free Lemon Almond Cake is simple, elegant and quite unusual. You can read the history of the orange almond cake that it was based upon in our Clementine Almond Cake recipe.

The unusual aspect to make note of is that you will be using the whole lemons!

They are poached in water until meltingly soft, then the entire fruit is puréed in the food processor and used in a very simple cake batter comprised of ground almonds, sugar, eggs and a smidgeon of baking powder.

Please note that this cake, and the one below, do use baking powder, which you may or may not feel comfortable with. 

I have not tried it without baking powder and would assume it would be too dense. I love how my colleague Marcy Goldman explains baking powder: “Passover baking powder and Passover Baking Soda? My grandmothers would have had kittens! It seems to fly in the face of what Passover symbolizes. Technically, however, it is leavened goods that are the result of fermentation (as with yeast baking) that are forbidden on Passover. If you are not sure, ask a rabbi – there are many written debates on whether or not “Passover baking powder and baking soda” should be permitted. Baking soda, and baking powder are chemical leaveners so they are not in the regular category of “leaven” goods, if one is going to abide by technicalities. Also, Passover baking powder is made without cornstarch, a carrier in baking powder products, so there is no dispute there.”

slice of clementine almond cake on a white plate; fork cutting into itLow FODMAP Clementine Almond Cake

This cake has quite a history. I read about it long ago – and then forgot it. Years later – just a couple of months ago in fact – my friend Georgie brought this cake to the gym (yes, cake at the gym. Don’t judge us) and I fell in love with it.

When she showed me the recipe, the memory of seeing it originally came back. I am thrilled to bring you this Clementine Almond Cake.

Please see note in above cake listing re: baking powder used in this recipe.

flourless chocolate cake on a white plate with fresh raspberriesFlourless Chocolate Cake

As we expand our offerings here at FODMAP Everyday® you will eventually see several versions, most likely, but for now check out our Heart of Gold Flourless Chocolate Cake for an especially rich one – and it can be made in a round pan so you do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day!

This Flour Chocolate Cake below here is a tad less rich and bit more like a cake, while that other one is more like a giant truffle!

But this is still a far cry from, say, a chocolate butter cake. It needs no embellishment, although we are partial to a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream and/or a few raspberries.

coconut macaroons with blue and white teapot in backgroundBest Ever! Coconut Macaroons – GF & Low FODMAP

I have written many books on cookies and made them by the dozens every single day at our bakery, so I do consider myself a bit of a cookie expert. When I tell you that these Coconut Macaroons are the best ever, I’m not kidding!

Here’s what makes them special: I recommend a combination of unsweetened coconut for maximum coconut flavor and sweetened long-flake coconut shreds for its incomparable chewy texture. The two together make what I think is the best coconut macaroon, maximizing flavor as well as texture.

a mound of chocolate macaroons on a plate; aqua background and flowers on the sideChocolate Macaroons – Gluten Free & Low FODMAP

If you are looking for a plain, non-chocolate macaroon, we’ve got those, too! Check out our Coconut Macaroons, with their perfect-for-Passover ingredients. Robin and I used to offer macaroons at our bakery, so that recipe has been around for a while, but for some strange reason I had never gotten around to developing one with added cocoa.

Well, here it is! And it is even better than the ones I remember from my childhood. Super easy, too. You can whip up the batter in less time than it takes the oven to preheat.

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Do you have a favorite low FODMAP Passover Recipe you’d like to share? What is your favorite part of Passover? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below.



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