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Ground Beef Magic: 28 Effortless Recipes That Will Leave You Satisfied And Happy

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Discover the endless possibilities of ground beef beyond just burgers and meatloaf! With our collection of 28 delicious recipes, you can elevate your weekly meal rotation to a whole new level. Prepare to be inspired by the incredible dishes you can create with that humble package of ground beef.

All-Beef Chili

Low FODMAP all beef chili closeup on rice
All-Beef Chili. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Everyone needs an all-beef chili recipe in their repertoire! That’s right. No beans. This is debatable of course, and we do have additional chili recipes on our website that are not based on beef, and ones that do include beans, but if you want a tried-and-true classic approach, this recipe is for you. Get the recipe for All-Beef Chili.

Chili Mac

Low FODMAP Chili Mac in brown bowl with fork
Chili Mac. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Creamy macaroni and cheese with all the classic American beef chili ingredients you love all in one very easy to make dish. Perfect for beginner cooks – and loved by all family members, big and small. Get the recipe for Chili Mac.

Super Quick Korean Beef

low FODMAP super quick korean beef
Super Quick Korean Beef. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

This recipe is one of your community favorites – and you can get it on the table in less than 20 minutes! Low-sodium soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, brown sugar, ginger, and red pepper flakes work magic with lean ground beef. Don’t leave out the scallions as they are more than a garnish and truly add to the dish. Served with white rice. Get the recipe for Super Quick Korean Beef.

The Best Burgers

Our Best Low FODMAP burger in two male hands
The Best Burgers. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

We start with freshly ground beef, preferably about 80% lean to keep it juicy. We love them cooked on the grill outdoors, but a cast iron pan or grill-pan indoors works wonders, too. The way to the juiciest, most flavorful result? It’s all in the prep and cooking techniques and we show you how. Get the recipe for The Best Burgers.

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

fork twirling in spaghetti & meatballs, in a white bowl
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Is there anything more comforting than a bowl filled with spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce? Well, maybe Mac n’ Cheese, but if you are in a tomato-y mood nothing satisfies like this classic combo. This is our recipe for a basic beef-based meatball that we first par-cook in the oven and then finish cooking right in our Everyday Quick Tomato Sauce. Then, it’s up to you! Ladle them over gluten-free spaghetti or stuff them into a roll for a meatball sub! Get the recipe for Meatballs in Tomato Sauce.

Hearty Gluten-Free Lasagna 

overhead image of low FODMAP lasagna in white dish against white background
Hearty Gluten-Free Lasagna. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

If you are looking for a gluten-free version of classic lasagna, this one is it! Richly flavored meat-based red sauce with lasagna noodles, creamy cheese filling, Parmesan and both fresh and dried herbs. Get the recipe for Hearty Gluten-Free Lasagna.

Stuffed Meatloaf with Spinach & Provolone

slice of stuffed meatloaf with spinach and provolone on white plate with steamed potatoes
Stuffed Meatloaf with Spinach & Provolone. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Meatloaf is so easy to make – even one that is a bit fancy, like this Stuffed Meatloaf with Spinach & Provolone. You still basically dump and mix everything together, but instead of forming into a loaf, you pat the mixture out onto a piece of parchment paper, stuff it with cheese, spinach, and red peppers, then roll it up, jelly-roll style. Easy to make, fancy enough for guests. Get the recipe for Stuffed Meatloaf with Spinach & Provolone.

Super Deluxe Low FODMAP Baked Ziti

dishing up Super Deluxe Low FODMAP Baked Ziti
Super Deluxe Low FODMAP Baked Ziti. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

This is comfort food. Pasta, meat, sausage, tomato sauce, cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Make this Super Deluxe Baked Ziti when you need to feed the hoards. And you can pause along the way. Make ahead before baking. Freeze before baking. Take along to a party and cook once you get there. And leftovers reheat well, too. Get the recipe for Super Deluxe Low FODMAP Baked Ziti.

Everyday Meatloaf

A cooked Low FODMAP meatloaf ready to be served.
Everyday Meatloaf. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

We call this Everyday Meatloaf because you will have time to make it, even on the busiest of days. While you could use all beef, a combo of beef, veal and pork makes for a particularly succulent meatloaf. We add shredded and chopped veggies to our meat mixture for extra moisture, flavor, and nutrition. Be sure to make enough so you have quick go to lunch options- re-heated with a side salad or as a sandwich layered with tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and a good slather of chipotle mayonnaise on toasted bread. Get the recipe for Everyday Meatloaf.

Gluten-Free Baked Shells Stuffed with Meatballs

Rice-based gluten-free pasta shells stuffed with cheese and meatballs and topped with a quick tomato sauce. Sound like a classic? It is! Perfect for parties, potlucks and satisfies kids and adults alike. Just add a big green, leafy salad with a tangy vinaigrette. Get the recipe for Gluten-Free Baked Shells Stuffed with Meatballs.


closeup of Low FODMAP Bolognese with lofo gf tagliatelle on a round orange shallow bowl
Bolognese. Photo credit: Dédé Wilson.

Properly called Ragù alla Bolognese, this is a meat-heavy sauce that hails from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This rich dish often contains dairy, sometimes cream, sometimes milk, and also butter. There are tomatoes in it, but it isn’t a “red sauce”. Wine makes an appearance, sometimes red and sometimes white. One enhancement that is common and adds depth and nuance is nutmeg, but it must be used with restraint. Our recipe is easy to make, hearty and absolutely fantastic. Get the recipe for Bolognese.

Instant Pot Sloppy Joes

Instant Pot Sloppy Joes. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Yes, you can also make Sloppy Joes in your Instant Pot. This is an easy recipe that you can cook yourself in less than 15 minutes and get a dish that is much better than any restaurant! Perfect party food for holiday, family gathering or any special dinner. Get the recipe for Instant Pot Sloppy Joes.

Korean Beef & Broccoli

Korean Beef & Broccoli. Photo credit: Lisa MarcAurele.

The bold flavors of a sweet and spicy sauce complement tender ground beef and veggies in this Korean beef and broccoli dish. It’s perfect for a quick weeknight meal or a casual dinner party. Get the recipe for Korean Beef & Broccoli.

Easy Hamburger Soup

Easy Hamburger Soup. Photo credit: Karen Kelly.

Easy Hamburger Soup is loaded with sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, celery, and fire-roasted tomatoes. It can be ready in under 30 minutes and lasts well in the fridge for lunches during the week. Perfect for a chilly day. {gluten free, dairy free, whole30, paleo}. Get the recipe for Easy Hamburger Soup.

Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

Stuffed Anaheim Peppers. Photo credit: Tia Clara.

Suppose you’ve been looking for anaheim peppers recipes. In that case, this stuffed Anaheim pepper boat, filled with juicy meat, overflowing with melted cheese, and bathed in the flavor of a creamy avocado sauce, is the dish your summer’s screaming for. Get the recipe for Stuffed Anaheim Peppers.

Hamburgers In The Air Fryer

Hamburgers In The Air Fryer. Photo credit:  Emmeline Kemperyd.

With quick prep & less 10 minutes of cooking you can make the best Hamburgers in Air Fryer. Juicy and perfectly cooked, and all ready to serve with your favorite burger toppings! Get the recipe for Hamburgers In The Air Fryer.

Umami Beef & Pork Burgers

Umami Beef & Pork Burgers. Photo credit: Joyce Lee.

Juicy beef and pork burgers recipe, made with ground pork and beef, seasoned with miso and seasonings for some extra umami flavor. Get the recipe for Umami Beef & Pork Burgers.

Instant Pot Frozen Ground Beef

Instant Pot Frozen Ground Beef. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

If you want to know how to cook frozen ground beef in the Instant Pot, you have come to the right place. All you need is 4 ingredients (beef, oil, salt and pepper). It’s perfect for Taco Tuesday, spaghetti, and more! Get the recipe for Instant Pot Frozen Ground Beef.

Cumin Beef Fried Rice

Cumin Beef Fried Rice. Photo credit: Joyce Lee.

A quick & easy beef fried rice recipe made with ground beef, eggs, leftover rice and seasoned with cumin that can be made as a side or a meal. Get the recipe for Cumin Beef Fried Rice.

Instant Pot Lasagna

Instant Pot Lasagna. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Toothsome Instant Pot Lasagna is heavenly rich lasagna you can make easily in your Instant Pot! Made with layers of hearty meat sauce, creamy ricotta filling, gooey cheese, and tender lasagna pasta sheets. Get the recipe for Instant Pot Lasagna.

Rice and Beef Cabbage Rolls

Rice and Beef Cabbage Rolls. Photo credit: Tia Clara.

Niño Envuelto (Rice and Beef Cabbage Rolls) is a juicy mixture of minced beef and rice wrapped in cabbage, with roots in Middle Eastern Cuisine. Get the recipe for Rice and Beef Cabbage Rolls.

Instant Pot Picadillo

Instant Pot Picadillo. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Instant Pot Picadillo is an original beef recipe you can have in only 20 minutes! This is a mouth-watering ground beef meal that has the most amazing aroma and taste. A perfect comfort meal for your supper! Get the recipe for Instant Pot Picadillo.

Indonesian Beef and Quinoa Bowl

ndonesian Beef and Quinoa Bowl. Photo credit: Karen Kelly.

This Indonesian Beef and Quinoa Bowl will warm you up right away. The beef is simmered in coconut milk with curry and cinnamon so it’s full of flavor. Top it with all your favorite toppings to get a healthy protein bowl that’s perfect for meal prep. {gluten free, dairy free}. Get the recipe for Indonesian Beef and Quinoa Bowl.

Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie with Beef

Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Comfort food should be the two words that should pop into your head with you think about making this Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie. This delicious Scottish recipe takes just over 30 minutes to make, but will remain in your mind for days after you eat it! Get the recipe for Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie with Beef.

Instant Pot Israeli Couscous With Beef

Instant Pot Israeli Couscous With Beef. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

This pressure cooker Israeli Couscous and ground beef recipe is a great example of easy and quick one-pot meal. The couscous and the minced beef combine great together, and the veggies make this dish a colorful, tasty and filling, so the whole family can eat and enjoy. Get the recipe for Instant Pot Israeli Couscous With Beef.

Instant Pot Taco Pasta

Instant Pot Taco Pasta. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Everybody loves tacos! And who doesn’t like pasta!? Combine these two together and they create this tasty, meaty, delicious Instant Pot Taco Pasta recipe. It’s a fast and easy weeknight meal loaded with delicious taco flavor. Get the recipe for  Instant Pot Taco Pasta.

Instant Pot Chili Con Carne

Instant Pot Chili Con Carne. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Who doesn’t love having chili for dinner?! This comforting dish is ideal for cold winter days when you just want to snuggle up on the couch and relax. Chili con carne means “chili with meat” in Spanish, and it’s one of the easiest recipes you can make in your Instant Pot. Get the recipe for Instant Pot Chili Con Carne.

Instant Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff

Instant Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff. Photo credit: Corrie Cooks.

Tired of searching for an easy and quick Beef Recipe? Here, presenting you the meaty cheesy, and loaded with full of delicious taste with healthy nutrients prepared in less than 20 minutes. Give a worthy try to this Instant Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff recipe.

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