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Favorite Low FODMAP Lunch Recipes

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Our Low FODMAP Lunches will keep you going all day long.

Whether you pack lunch to-go, or are hanging around the house, you gotta fuel mid-day. When you are following the low FODMAP diet it pays to plan ahead so that you are never without a good low FODMAP meal.

Lunch can be a conundrum for many. What should you pack to take to the office or school? What is an easy low FODMAP lunch that will still keep your IBS symptoms at bay?

Here are some of our community favorites and our best low FODMAP lunch ideas.

Hundreds Of Low FODMAP Recipes

We have hundreds of low FODMAP recipes that have been tried, tested and approved by our families – FODMAPers and “civilians”. While this article focuses on lunch in particular, the fact is that often dinner leftovers make great lunches, so do not overlook our article on Low FODMAP Dinners for ideas, too.

What Makes A Great Low FODMAP Lunch?

Great question! If you are out-of-the-house, then portability is paramount. If you are home, dinner leftovers or a soup or stew can be lunch. Sometimes we are eating out at restaurants, and of course there are standbys like sandwiches and salads, which make great low FODMAP lunches. Looking for classics like tuna salad? We’ve got it! Low FODMAP version, of course.

Be sure to read our article devoted to making Low FODMAP Sandwiches!

Low FODMAP Lunch Basics

We have a few articles for you that provide some basic info that will be helpful as you plan your lunches. For instance, did you know that not all canned tuna is low FODMAP? Read on:

Below are just some of our favorites. For even more lunchtime ideas click here!

Now get into the kitchen and prepare some low FODMAP lunches!

Low FODMAP Lunch Salads Galore!

Salad is an excellent way to get your fiber and protein intake and easy to make. Here are some of our favorites!

Asian Chicken Salad

We love these insulated lunch bags!

Smoked Trout Nicoise Salad

Easy To Pack Lunches

These lunches you can make the night before and put in the fridge and grab and go.

Low FODMAP Mason jar Salads in jars, vertical image, against black background
Green Theme Bento from Bento Power

Bento Boxes are perfect for low FODMAP meals on the go!


Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than a sandwich. Many of our chicken and tuna salads make wonderful sandwich fillings. And if you want to learn all about making low FODMAP sandwiches read How To Make Low FODMAP Sandwiches

Tuna Pan Bagnat

Hot Low FODMAP Lunches!

Warm and hot meals are nurturing on several levels. Here are some of our favorites.

Warm Bacon and Avocado Salad
Thai-Inspired Chicken Coconut Broth cropped on blue background

Keep your meals warm!

What Are Some Of YOUR Favorite Low FODMAP Lunches? We’d Love To Hear!

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Low FODMAP Breakfasts & Low FODMAP Dinners, too!

We also have a compilation for you: 50 Certifiably Delicious Low FODMAP Recipes in One Glorious E-book!

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