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Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Desserts

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When gearing up for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we might first think of turkey or ham, but our thoughts go to pies and desserts pretty quickly! If you are like us, you’ve landed in the right place. We have over 50 Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Desserts for you. Don’t let your IBS hold you back! Preheat your oven, gather your tools and watch your portions! We will help you keep IBS symptoms at bay and still enjoy your holiday season.

Dessert roundup graphic

The only thing you won’t find here are brownies and bars, because we have an entire article devoted just to them! Check out Low FODMAP & Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies for dozens of diminutive treats.

Calling All Baking & Dessert Lovers!

For a full low FODMAP baking primer, be sure to check out our ebook, Low FODMAP Baking. You will find 275 pages of expert tips and tricks and exclusive recipes found nowhere else.

Cakes, Pies & Much More

In this article you will find pies and crusts, tarts, cobblers, crisps, baklava, creme brulée, puddings, cakes and even a few Bûche de Noël. All lactose-free, and almost all are gluten-free, as well. All based upon Monash University and FODMAP Friendly science.

you all told us that the side dishes were the most perplexing when it came to preparing something delicious and staying on the low FODMAP diet. We’ve got great news for you! We have dozens and dozens of low FODMAP side dishes for you from green vegetables to stuffings, root vegetables to cranberry sauces, leafy salads to grains – we’ve got it all to add flavor and variety to your holiday meal. We want FODMAP Everyday® to be your first and one-stop for low-FODMAP recipes.

Pie Crust Tips, Tricks & Recipes

For many folks, pies are the dessert of the season. We have two pastry pie crusts for you – both easy to work with and both delectable. We also suggest that you review our article, Pie Crust 101: Making The Perfect Pie. Looking for a crumb crust? We’ve got it! And then for tarts and crostatas, we have a special sweet crust for those, as well.

Foolproof All Butter Low FODMAP Pie Crust

Our low FODMAP, gluten-free pie crust is incredibly easy to make and work with!

a ball of all butter pie crust with rolling pin on floured board

Low FODMAP Cream Cheese Pie Crust

This pie crust is enhanced with cream cheese, making for a delicious rich version.

Cream cheese pie crust in pie plate, fluted edge on marble surface-2

Crostata & Tart Crust

This crust is best when you are making a free-standing tart or crostata. Get you loose-bottom tart pans ready! Unmold from pan before serving.

Crostata & Tart crust, rolled and in fluted tart pan

Low FODMAP Crumb Crust

Low FODMAP graham crackers and cookies make deliciously crisp tart crusts.

overhead image of a pre-baked low FODMAP crumb crust in a tart pan

Pie 101: What You Need To Make Fantastic Crust

You can be an amazing pie maker with our tips and tricks. And there is nothing tricky! Promise!

all butter pie crust shaping

Pies & Tarts

Whether you want a pumpkin pie, something fruity, nutty or chocolaty, we have them all.

Classic Pumpkin Pie

You might need to order the lactose-free evaporated milk ahead, so plan accordingly.

overhead image of low FODMAP classic pumpkin pie in glass pie plate with silver server

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

This is a lighter version of classic pumpkin pie, whipped whipped egg whites.

overhead view of low FODMAP pumpkin chiffon pie on a green plate

Chocolate Pecan Pie with Whiskey

Did you think dark chocolate was a high FODMAP food? It does have a low FODMAP serving size, put to great use in this adult pie.

overhead image of chocolate pecan pie with whiskey with fluted crust

Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Pie

Apples have a small low FODMAP serving size and here they combine with crunchy nuts in an unexpected twist on classic pecan pie.

Low FODMAP Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Pie on a white plate

Low FODMAP “Key” Lime Pie

We use extra tart Persian limes for this “key” lime pie rendition.

overhead image of low FODMAP Key Lime Pie in pie plate

Low FODMAP Banana Cream Pie

Bananas do have low FODMAP serving sizes, even ripe ones!

slice of low FODMAP banana cream pie on white plate with spoon

Low FODMAP Cranberry Snowdrift Pie

If you are a cranberry sauce lover, you have to try this pie! Topped with billows of toasted meringue. Get out your torch!

slice of cranberry snowdrift pie on a decorative plate; whole pie in background

Low FODMAP Chocolate Pudding Pie

A buttery crust holds in a creamy chocolate pudding. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls.

low FODMAP chocolate pudding pie on blue and white plate

Low FODMAP Black Bottom Pie

Chocolate chip cookie crust, espresso whipped cream and rich chocolate pudding create a panoply of textures and flavors.

slice of Low FODMAP Black Bottom Pie wedge on white plate on blue background

Low FODMAP Cheesecake Pie

Make your crumb crust of choice to hold our easy, creamy lactose-free cheesecake filling. Optional fruit toppings are up to you.

lactose free cheesecake pie in a pat-in crust topped with pomegranate_

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Swirl Brownie Pie

More like a brownie, baked in a pie plate, with swirls of creamy pumpkin.

overhead image of Low FODMAP Pumpkin Swirl Brownie Pie on plate with gold fork; whole pie wedge cut out alongside

Low FODMAP Coconut Lime Cream Pie

The combo of lime and coconut is quite refreshing in this creamy pie.

Coconut-Lime Cream Pie in a glass dish against a dark background

Low FODMAP Maple Pumpkin Pie with Lemon & Ginger

Sweetened with maple syrup and a spark from lemon and ginger make this a pumpkin pie to remember.

pumpkin pie sweetened with maple and enhanced with fresh lemon zest and fresh ginger on a cooling rack

Low FODMAP Browned Butter Salted Caramel Pecan Pie

The full title is “Browned Butter Salted Caramel Pecan Pie in a Chocolate Flecked Pastry Crust” and trust me, you need to make this pie.

Overhead image of Browned Butter Salted Caramel Pecan Pie in a chocolate flecked pastry crust

Low FODMAP Fresh Grape Tart

Underneath the grapes is a brown sugar custard, all set in a sweet, crispy tart crust.

Fresh Grape Tart with Brown Sugar & Sour Cream Custard overhead image copy

Low FODMAP Cinnamon Pecan Truffle Tart

Ground pecans in the crust and a little cinnamon make this rich chocolate truffle tart a dessert to savor in tiny bites.

overhead image of slice of Low FODMAP Cinnamon Pecan Truffle Ganache Tart

Low FODMAP Cranberry Curd Tart

Fresh cranberries do have a low FODMAP serving size! Here they are made into a creamy curd filling – sweet and tart.

overhead low FODMAP Cranberry Curd tart on gold plate

Low FODMAP Chocolate Caramel Tart

The red food coloring in the caramel sauce is optional (we use at Halloween). The tart, combining dark caramel and chocolate flavorrs is welcomed year round.

overhead image of low FODMAP Chocolate Caramel Tart; wedges on white plates; whole tart on serving platter; dark background and antique forks

Cakes: Simple to Fancy

We have showstopper cakes for you, like yule logs and recipes with multiple components, but there are simple Bundt and tea cakes, too. All low FODMAP!

Low FODMAP Chocolate Pumpkin Marble Cake

Need a seasonal cake to bring to a school/church/office function? We vote for this one!

overhead image of low FODMAP Pumpkin Chocolate Marble Cake on yelllow background

Low FODMAP Red Velvet Cake With Sugared Cranberries

Red velvet inside with a frosting decorated to look like birch.

Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Frosting and Sugared Cranberries

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Streusel Gingerbread Coffee Cake

This cake has it all! Tender pumpkin cake, gingerbread flavors and a buttery, spiced crunchy streusel

slice of Low FODMAP Pumpkin Gingerbread Streusel Coffee Cake showing streusel

Low FODMAP Souche de Noël

We have classic log shaped cakes, of course, but we think this stump is extra special. Make our little cookie mice to perch on top for added enchantment. The Meringue Mushrooms are always a hit, as well.

low FODMAP souche de Noel (Christmas stump) horizontal image with plates

Low FODMAP White Chocolate Bûche de Noël 

The inside of this rolled log cake contains a cranberry filling. White chocolate bark and confectioners’ sugar “snow” make this perfect for a “White Christmas”.

white chocolate buche de noel on wooden board with pine boughs

Low FODMAP Frozen Peppermint Bûche de Noël 

A chocolate jelly-roll cake wrapped around purchased peppermint ice cream, slathered with toasted meringue. Time to torch!

Low FODMAP Frozen Peppermint Bûche de Noël, slice on plate with gold spoon

Low FODMAP Chocolate Chestnut Bûche de Noël 

Chocolate and chestnut are a classic French combination. You can buy the chestnuts roasted and peeled!

chocolate chestnut buche de noel on white platter with meringue mushrooms

Low FODMAP Salted Caramel Banana Cake

This cake sells itself: tender cake, creamy frosting, banana and salted caramel with pecans thrown in, too!

main image of low FODMAP Salted Caramel Banana Cake on a white ceramic cake pedestal

Low FODMAP Triple Ginger Pumpkin Cake

This simple snack cake is dairy-free and features ground ginger, fresh ginger and crystallized ginger in a pumpkin cake base.

low FODMAP triple ginger pumpkin cake on plate; forks alongside

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Cheesecake

Lactose-free cream cheese, pumpkin purée and a crisp gingersnap crust!

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap crust

Low FODMAP NY Style Cheesecake

The strawberry topping is optional; it is a lovely addition to our classic New York-style cream cheese based cheesecake featuring lactose-free cream cheese.

whole strawberry glazed NY style cheesecake on white pedestal with gold forks alongside

Low FODMAP Chocolate Cheesecake

This chocolate cheesecake in a chocolate crust is incredibly decadent…watch your portions! It is lactose-free and serves a crowd.

slice of low FODMAP chocolate cheesecake on white plate

Low FODMAP Frozen Peanut Butter Cheesecake

You could eat this cheesecake simply chilled, but we LOVE it frozen with warm chocolate ganache drizzled on top.

slice of frozen low FODMAP peanut Butter cheesecake with chocvolate sauce on top on cut-glass plate

Low FODMAP Cranberry Almond Bundt Cake

Decorative ring pans help make your cakes pretty enough for a party. This one is filled with lactose-free buttermilk, fresh or frozen cranberries, brown sugar, almonds and spices.

cranberry almond bundt cake glazed on a rack, next to Bundt pan

Low FODMAP Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Chocolate and peppermint in a tender Bundt style cake. Perfect for the buffet.

closeup of low FODMAP Chocolate Peppermint Cake, sideview on red plate

Low FODMAP Vanilla Almond Tea Cake

Use finely ground flour made from blanched almonds for the best texture in this simple cake. Serve alone, or with berries or ice cream alongside.

Vanilla Tea Cake

Frozen Desserts

Some of these require an ice cream maker, but some do not. Clean out space in the freezer!

Low FODMAP Mint Stracciatella Semifreddo

No ice cream maker needed for this chocolate peppermint creation, molded in a loaf pan. It uses fresh mint!

close up slice of Stracciatella low FODMAP Semifreddo, loaf shape, once slice flat on plate

Low FODMAP No Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

Lactose-free vanilla ice cream made without an ice cream machine! Kids love to help make ice cream; get them involved.

Low FODMAP No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream in glass dish that looks like an ice cream cone

Low FODMAP Chocolate Sorbet

Dairy-free yet incredibly rich and chocolaty. Use the best cocoa and chocolate you can afford.

Low FODMAP Chocolate Sorbet in an ice cream dish with an ice cream spoon on a dark surface

Low FODMAP Lemon Granita

This refreshing, icy, lemony granita makes a perfect palate cleanser – or light dessert. It is featured within our Feast of 7 Fishes.

Low FODMAP lemon granita in clear glass footed dish; teal napkin underneath and silver spoon alongside

Low FODMAP Strawberry Granita

Strawberries, sugar, water and lemon juice create more than a sum of the parts. No ice cream maker needed!

overhead closeup shot of strawberry granita in a glass dish with silver spoon

Puddings, Crisps, Cobblers & More

Our collection of cobblers and crisps are some of the easiest holiday desserts – with some extras thrown in, like strudel!

Low FODMAP Pumpkin Cobbler

Love pumpkin pie, but want an easier approach? This is it! Use a pretty casserole dish and bring it warm to the table.

Horizontal baked Low FODMAP Pumpkin Cobbler in blue dish on gray background

Low FODMAP Apple Strudel

The low FODMAP diet is not wheat or gluten-free. If you can tolerate wheat, then you can indulge in this flaky pastry that also features low FODMAP amounts of apple.

closeup of low FODMAP apple strudel on a pink and white plate with a silver fork

Low FODMAP Walnut Baklava

Filo has been lab tested by Monash University and does have a low FODMAP serving size! Watch your portions, but you CAN have baklava!

overhead image of low FODMAP walnut baklava on decorative plate and also on serving platter

Towering Low FODMAP Fruit Pavlova

Crispy meringue, soft billows of whipped cream and fruit make this towering dessert one to remember.

Towering Low FODMAP Fruit Pavlova, horizontal, against dark background

Low FODMAP Chocolate Pavlova with Pomegranate, Raspberries & Kiwis

Chocolate is swirled into meringue to create this marbled Pavlova.

side view of Low FODMAP Chocolate Pavlova with Pomegranate, Raspberries & Kiwi in a glass pedestal dish

Low FODMAP Baked Alaska

Purchased ice cream and sorbet are formed inside this tree shaped Baked Alaska.

Low FODMAP Baked Alaska in a tree shape against holiday lights

Low FODMAP Chocolate Pudding Cake

One batter forms pudding and cake in your casserole dish. Deeply chocolate. Serve warm with lactose-free vanilla ice cream.

closeup Low FODMAP chocolate Pudding Cake on white plate with gold spoon and ice cream

Low FODMAP Lime Cheesecake Dip

Tangy lime curd is swirled together with lactose-free cheesecake. Dip fruit, cake – or your spoon!

Low FODMAP Lime cheesecake dip in a decorative clear glass bowl; fruit alongside for dipping

Low FODMAP Vegan Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding

This chocolate pudding is made from almond milk. It is vegan, yet incredibly luscious and satisfying.

e almond milk pudding with coconut whipped cream in glasses
The condensation in the glass is because we are serving this warm. Yes, warm chocolate pudding!

Low FODMAP Butterscotch Pudding

Creamy pudding with burnt sugar/caramel/butterscotch flavors. This is comfort food.

butterscotch pudding in various glasses

Low FODMAP Buttermilk Panna Cotta

Making your own “faux” buttermilk is easy with lactose-free whole milk and lemon juice. Unflavored gelatin is low FODMAP, too, as is heavy cream. This is an easy, uncooked creamy dessert; strawberry sauce optional, but very pretty.

low FODMAP buttermilk panna cotta with strawberry sauce in clear glasses

Low FODMAP Chocolate Crème Brulée

Heavy cream has very generous low FODMAP serving sizes, that we optimize in this chocolate version of Crème Brulée.

closeup overhead of low fodmap chocolate creme brulee
Here are our low FODMAP chocolate crème brûlée – some of them caramelized and some about to be; see the raw sugar?

No FODMAP Fruit Salad

Perhaps the lightest dessert of all: a simple melange of fresh fruit.

No FODMAP fruit salad in bowl on green napkin

Low FODMAP Croquembouche

This classic French dessert is a tower of cream filled cream puffs, stuck together with golden caramel.


Low FODMAP Cranberry Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle

Trifles are fantastic holiday desserts, as they even improve upon sitting.

low FODMAP Cranberry Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle in glass trifle bowl

Champagne Gelée with Raspberries & Pomegranate

champagne gelee with raspberries & pomegranate closeup

You can eat your champagne! This elegant dessert uses plain gelatin create Champagne gelée! Try this for New Year’s Eve.

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