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Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Drinks: Cocktails, Mocktails & More

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These are our favorite Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Drinks, from spirited cocktails, to no-alcohol mocktails, eggnogs, mulled wine, punches, mimosas, spritzers, champagne drinks, hot cocoa, hot chocolate and more.

Low FODMAP Drinks graphic

Let’s Talk Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Drinks

Water and sparkling water are low FODMAP, but so are so many other beverages, from orange juice and cranberry, to many kinds of wines (including sparkling), gin, vodka, whiskey, brandy, tequila, tea, coffee and more.

Whether you want a hot beverage, something spirited (alcoholic) or not, there is much to choose from.

And of course, we have the rest of the meal covered in these recipe roundup articles:

Is Alcohol Low FODMAP?

Let’s first address alcohol in general. Alcohol can be a gut irritant, but there are also many alcoholic beverages that are low FODMAP. As always, you must know your own tolerances and heed them for your best gut comfort. And of course, if drinking alcohol, please exercise moderation no matter what.

We have a few articles for you to review as you begin to think about making your Thanksgiving & Christmas Low FODMAP Drinks.

Big Batch Drinks

Most of our low FODMAP drink recipes are for single servings, but some are for large batches – and others lend themselves to making in larger amounts. If you are having a party, making a large pitcher of lemonade (spiked or not) or punch is a user-friendly way to fete your guests.

Sparkling Ginger Cranberry Punch

overhead shot of Sparkling Ginger Cranberry Punch

Non-alcoholic combination of black tea, cranberry juice, citrus and grapes. You could offer vodka or gin on the side, if you like. A clear glass pitcher shows off the pretty colors.

Low FODMAP Fruited Lemonade Rosé Punch

overhead image of punch bowl filled with Low FODMAP Fruited Lemonade Rosé Punch

Lemonade and rosé wine. Take the time to make the fruit-filled ice ring; it is so festive! Put that punch bowl to use! PS: Make sure your ring fits in your bowl.

Big Batch Lemonade: With Herbs, Booze, or Without

making big batch lemonade with ingredients on counter

Everyone loves lemonade! This recipe shows you how to make a big batch – and then enhance it with herbs and/or alcohol, if you so choose. Set out in a tall pitcher.

Low FODMAP White Wine Sangria with Basil & Mint

sangria in pitcher on outdoor table

Our white wine sangria includes fruit as well as basil and mint for a refreshing beverage. Get out your prettiest pitcher.

Low FODMAP Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry lemonade in pitcher and glasses on an aqua wooden board out on the deck in full sun

Think lemonade is just for summer? Think again! With a big batch of this sunset colored drink, no one will go thirsty. Got fancy straws? Set them out!


Did you know that it is easy to make your own liqueurs? We have several for you – they can be sipped alone or used to create mixed drinks (White Russian, anyone?) They make lovely host gifts, too.

Low FODMAP Coffee Liqueur


Kahula is based on high FODMAP rum. Our version uses low FODMAP vodka.

Low FODMAP Salted Caramel Liqueur


Salted caramel flavors in a creamy liqueur. Use your prettiest shot glasses, or create mixed drinks.

Low FODMAP Orange Liqueur


As of December 2021 Monash University released lab test information on brandy, which they say is low FODMAP in “1 shot glass” amounts. Assuming those are Australian shot glasses that would be 30 ml. They do state 30 g. This means you could buy Grand Marnier and have some! We are leaving this recipe here for those of you who might want to make their own version using vodka and whiskey.

Low FODMAP Irish Cream Liqueur

Low FODMAP Irish Cream Liqueur in cut glass tumbler

This creamy liqueur is perfect on the rocks, or make a Mudslide with this and our Low FODMAP Coffee Liqueur.


Sip an elegant cocktail – while sticking to your low FODMAP diet!

Rose Martini

Rose martini in a martini glass near a window

Gin martinis, anyone? Yes, they can be low FODMAP. Martini glasses put to great use.

Ginger Beet Old-Fashioned

Ginger Beet Old-Fashioned in a clear glass on a piece of slate

Whiskey, ginger simple syrup and a bit of beet juice, which is low FODMAP! You have old-fashioned glasses, don’t you? Clear ones show off the pretty burgundy color.

Basil Orange Smash

Basil orange smash in a short glass with orange wedge

Fresh basil combined with sparkling water, vodka and orange.

Fennel Rhubarb Gin Spritz

Fennel Rhubarb Gin Spritz in a clear glass with a wedge of lime and stalk of rhubarb

We like Hendrick’s gin for this drink.

Not A Paloma 

Not a Paloma in wine glass with stainless steel straw on brick wall in garden

Plain vodka can work, but peppercorn vodka makes this extra special, along with the lime, grapefruit zest and jalapeño. Sippy straw optional but fun!

Low FODMAP Spicy Apple Old-Fashioned

spicy apple old-fashioned with ingredients

Make your Simple Syrup first, then stir together with whiskey, lemon juice, a dash of cayenne and slice of low FODMAP apple.

Low FODMAP Cocktail Recipe for Moscow Mule

Moscow mule in chilled mugs

You don’t need copper mugs, but they are traditional for a Moscow Mule. The mugs make a lovely gift, too. Package with the recipe written out by hand.

Cucumber Wasabi Gimlet

cucumber wasabi gimlet in martini glass with cucumber slice on the rim

Gin is enhanced with wasabi, lime and cucumber, with a little Simple Syrup.


Some of us do not drink alcohol and then there are those times when those of us who do, just want a non-alcoholic option. We have many low FODMAP drinks for you that fit this bill.

Low FODMAP Strawberry Ginger Fizz

Strawberry Ginger Fizz from Zero Proof

This pretty and flavorful beverage is from ZERO PROOF drinks & more 100 Recipes for Mocktails & Low-Alcohol Cocktails. 

Low FODMAP Frozen Cosmo

Frozen Cosmos from Zero Proof

Another drink from  ZERO PROOF drinks & more 100 Recipes for Mocktails & Low-Alcohol Cocktails.  Simply combine the ingredients, freeze until slushy and serve.

Low FODMAP Orange Carrot Juice

Low FODMAP Orange Carrot Juice in glass against aqua background

After a day of holiday shopping you need to hydrate! Try this sunny drink.

Low FODMAP Blueberry Limeade

Low FODMAP Blueberry Limeade in clear glasses

This delicately colored beverage might seem summery, but you can use frozen blueberries and it will quench your thirst.

Low FODMAP Blood Orange Ginger Mint Spritzer

Low FODMAP Blood Orange Ginger Mint Spritzer with pitcher in background

Seek out low FODMAP gingerale or ginger beer (we like it sweetened with pure cane sugar). Blood oranges have been lab tested by FODMAP Friendly, by the way. Another great reason to have that smartphone app.

Low FODMAP Cranberry Cinnamon Swizzle

Low FODMAP Cranberry Cinnamon Swizzle in a champagne glass; cranberry juice in pitcher

Cranberry and cinnamon combine beautifully in this non-alcoholic drink. Pull out your fancy stemware.

Low FODMAP Passion for Coconut

low fodmap passion for coconut beverage

Passionfruit has a generous low FODMAP serving size, here combined with coconut flavored sparkling water, like La Croix.

Low FODMAP Ginger Pomegranate Pear Sparkler

low fodmap ginger pomegranate pear sparkler in tall clear glass and stirrer

A thin low FODMAP slice of pear is all you need for autumnal pear flavor in this gingery drink. We love collecting swizzle sticks! They make a fun gift, too.

Cucumber Mint Lime Agua Fresca

hand holding wine glass with Cucumber Mint Lime Agua Fresca with straw against garden backdrop

Prepare your Simple Syrup first, then this drink will come together in a flash.


Eggnog is one of those beverages that usually only makes an appearance at this time of year. Whether you want one with alcohol, or without, we have these two low FODMAP versions for you.

Spirited Eggnog – Low FODMAP, Lactose-Free

Spirited eggnog

A little whiskey and fresh nutmeg make this lactose-free version of eggnog a new classic. Check out this grater for fresh nutmeg; we wouldn’t be without it.

Non-Alcoholic Eggnog

non-alcoholic eggnog

This non-alcoholic eggnog is based upon a cooked custard. Grate that nutmeg fresh!

Hot Beverages

Cold weather just begs for special hot beverages: hot chocolate, hot cocoa and more.

The Best Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

This is THEE BEST hot chocolate and we stand by it! Use the best quality chocolate as possible. Valrhona Guanaja is a great choice.

Lactose-Free Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa

Hot chocolate and hot cocoa are not the same! This is the cocoa version. We like Scharffen Berger natural cocoa for this one.

Hot Mint Chocolate

low FODMAP Mint Hot Chocolate in a mug with cookies on a plate

You really do need the mini candy canes to hang on the mugs! They make this Hot Mint Chocolate extra special.

Hot Chocolate Truffle Bombs

Main Horizontal low FODMAP Hot Chocolate Truffle Bombs in jar and made into hot chocolate

First you make little chocolate truffles. Then, stash them in the fridge or freezer for near instant hot chocolate – WAY better than any mix.

Low FODMAP Anti-Inflammatory Cacao

Low FODMAP Anti Inflammatory Cacao from Danielle Capalino

A hot cocoa drink brought to us by Danielle Capalino MSPH, RD, CDN and her book Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach Drinks: 75 Low-FODMAP Tonics, Infusions, and More.

Low FODMAP Irish Coffee

Low FODMAP Irish coffee with cream dissolving in coffee

Coffee, a little dairy and whiskey. We love these glass mugs for our Irish coffee.

Low FODMAP Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

low FODMAP honey lemon ginger tea in a glass mug

A little honey goes a long way and we like this warming drink when we are under the weather – or just need to warm up from the inside out. Glass mugs let us appreciate our beverage.

Wine, Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Wine and sparkling wine do have low FODMAP serving sizes!

Low FODMAP Mulled Wine

closeup of low fodmap mulled wine with orange zest on rim of clear glass mug

Red wine, spices and citrus = a holiday treat. Fun for a tree trimming party or other get-togethers.

Low FODMAP Pineapple Strawberry Prosecco

Low FODMAP Pineapple Strawberry Prosecco in champagne glass with red stirrer

No need to buy expensive champagne. Try a lesser expensive Prosecco. Still low FODMAP! Get out the flutes!

Low FODMAP White Wine Spritzer

closeup of low fodmap white wine spritzer in a clear glass

We used etched wine glasses for this easy wine spritzer. Threading the grapes onto a skewer is optional, but fun and appreciated.

Vancouver 75 • Low FODMAP Cocktail

Vancouver 75 drink with sparkling wine being poured into glass

We love a coupe shaped glass for this sparkling drink.

Low FODMAP Sparkling Rhubarb Cocktail

p183 Sparkling Rhubarb Cocktail

This pretty pink frosty drink is perfect for a party. Pass the coupes around on a silver tray.

Low FODMAP Sea Breeze Mimosa

low FODMAP sea breeze mimosa in glass

You can use a sparkling cava for this sea breeze version of a mimosa.

Champagne Gelée with Raspberries & Pomegranate

champagne gelee with raspberries & pomegranate closeup 2

OK, this is not a drink. Here we are EATING champagne, but I had to include the recipe. The gold-rimmed glasses are quite fitting, don’t you think?

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