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The Best Low FODMAP Vegetarian Recipes

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You can successfully eat a low FODMAP vegetarian diet, if you pay attention to the nutritional details. And by successful we mean that you can adhere to your chosen dietary path – while also eating deliciously!

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Our article on Eating Plant Based On The Low FODMAP Diet will be of great help, as well. Please give it a read.

For all of our low FODMAP Vegetarian Recipes click the button!

Grid of vegan recipes

Looking for information on following a Low FODMAP & Vegan diet? Read our series here!

Here are our best and most popular low FODMAP Vegetarian recipes.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Breakfast Grid of photos
Start your day out well fed!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Breakfasts

Start your day off right with a vegetarian and low FODMAP breakfast.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Lunch grid of photos
Don’t pass up a healthy lunch!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Lunches

Wondering what to make for lunch? We have the answers.

Bring one of these dishes to your next party!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Appetizers

Having a party? Need a vegan or vegetarian appetizer? We have what you are looking for.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Soup grid of photos
Soup is such an easy and quick meal. Add a salad and biscuits!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Soups

We love soups both hot and cold and have low FODMAP recipes for you to enjoy year-round/

ODMAP Vegetarian Main Dish grid of photos
We have filling and delicious low FODMAP Vegetarian Main Dishes!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Main Dishes

Our main dish vegetarian recipes offer a range from weeknight dishes to fancy party fare.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Side Dishes
Sometimes a side dish can make the meal!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Side Dishes

Sometimes the right side dish can make the meal.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Salads photo grid
Salads can be a meal unto themselves!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Salads

We have vegetarian salads both light and hearty.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Desserts photo grid
You can still eat vegetarian dessert first!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Desserts

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Snacks
Stave off hunger with any of these low FODMAP vegetarian snacks!

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Snacks

Always keep a low FODMAP snack on hand.

Dress your meals in these delicious sauces, dressing or condiments.

Low FODMAP Vegetarian Condiments, Pestos & BBQ Sauce

These recipes are not the only low FODMAP vegetarian recipes on our site – they are meant to be highlights to inspire you!

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